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Get Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro for Free: Stop Hard Disk Failure

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Lost your important stuff because your hard drive crashed? No stress. Stop data disasters with Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro.

Ensure your hard disk health with Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro. This Windows tool detects and addresses potential threats, safeguarding your data and ensuring the security and integrity of your hard disk.

About Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro:

Use Macrorit Disk Scanner, a Windows tool that scans for bad sectors to ensure the security and integrity of your hard disks. This lightweight software is crucial for preventing data corruption, loss, and potential hard disk failure.

Understanding the Importance of Hard Disk Health

Many computer users overlook their hard disk health, yet a primary cause of major data loss is hard disk failure caused by bad sectors.

Bad sectors can cause data loss, slowdowns, and crashes, so it’s crucial to monitor and maintain your disk’s integrity.

Macrorit Disk Scanner helps you determine whether your drives are prone to data loss, enabling you to take necessary actions.

Scanning for Safety

Use Macrorit Disk Scanner to scan your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for bad sectors.

If your PC is experiencing issues, these sectors can cause data corruption, loss, or even hard disk failure. With its faster algorithm, this software outperforms Windows’ native disk scanner, offering better options and performance.

Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro UI

User-Friendly Interface and Functionality

The utility has a simple, user-friendly interface showing basic HDD information.

Most of the interface is dedicated to displaying scan results using color codes, where red shows damaged sectors.

To use the tool, select the hard drive, click ‘Start Now,’ and view real-time results. The log scan is accessible as a plain text file in the installation directory.

Compatibility and Versatility

The Disk Scanner is compatible with various local and external drives, such as iPods, SD cards, USB drives, and more.

It works with DE HDD, SATA, IDE, Hardware RAID, SCSI, FireWire, SSDs, and Zip drives. The scan duration varies based on drive size, with diagnosing a smartphone SD card being quicker than a local drive.

Key Features

  1. Check Bad Sectors: Surface test on hard drives with the option of defining the scan area.
  2. Mark Bad Sectors: Bad sectors/blocks are marked as red when found.
  3. Scan Multiple Disks: Scan all disks at once with one click, saving time on different disks’ scanning.
  4. Scanning Report: The scanner creates a scanning report for all disks when it finishes scanning.
  5. Readable Logfile: Easy to find where the bad sectors are in the scan log.
  6. Portable Edition: You can put the scanner into a USB and scan offline disks.
  7. Compatibility: Supports Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista.Macrorit Disk Scanner Professional Edition

Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro for Free:

Download the installer from the developer page:

Unzip the file to find both the desktop installer and the portable edition.

Run the installer, finish the installation, and launch the app. In the app’s main window, click “Activate.”

Enter the license code below in the activation window and click “OK.”

Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro License


If you’re dealing with slow file transfers, errors, or recovering from a power outage or virus infection and want to check your hard disk, consider using Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro.

Keep in mind that while the program can spot issues, it doesn’t fix them. For solutions, users will need to explore other software or seek professional help.


Back up your data before scanning disks or performing maintenance. Macrorit Disk Scanner is a third-party tool; for usage guidelines, check its documentation and support channels.