Download maComfort Standard 1.4 for Free

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This is Easter free offer from Chip Magazine, which provides $20 or 15 € worth maComfort Standard fullversion for Free.

macomfort isn’t just a mac theme for Windows OS, but it is a small windows utility that brings Mac like working environment to your Windows OS by adding  popular mac features like  keyboard shortcuts,Virtual desktops, skins , plugins, quick-look to preview files and active corners  to perform specific actions.

Why should I use it?
If you happen to often switch between Mac and PC (for example if you have a PC at work and a Mac at home) you will know the problem: You select a file and hit ‘space’ but nothing happens. You press the ‘alt’ or ‘windows’ key instead of ‘ctrl’. Ever hit ‘windows’-C instead of ‘ctrl’-C?
With maComfort, all of these problems are gone. It’s no longer up to you to adapt to the computer you’re using, but rather to maComfort to solve all your issues.
It will emulate nearly all Mac OS hotkeys and key combinations on a Windows PC, let you use great features such as virtual desktops or Quicklook and is even customisable.

Is there anything in it for non-Mac users?
Sure! You will still benefit from Quicklook, Spaces, active corners and much more. If you like to have a mac feeling – perfect. If you don’t – just use another skin, maybe the one perfectly integrating to Windows.

Features of “maComfort”:

  • Compatible with Win 2000,XP,Vista, Windows 7
  • Quicklook–>preview files like you would on Mac
  • Mac Hotkeys
  • Mac Key Combinations
  • Skinning System
  • Spaces–>Intuitive virtual desktops with easy switching.
  • Active Corners
  • Sound Control
  • Plug-Ins

macomfort is available in 3 versions :free , standard and premium
Difference between Standard and free edition ?

  • No more restrictions! Up to nine virtual desktops.
  • Complete theme system: Download and add more themes.
  • Complete plug-in system: More features to customize your experience.
  • Standard Support: All support types; reply often within 24 hours.
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    How to get maComfort standard for Free ?

    1. First visit this page then click “Zum download” button, now you will be forwarded to another page,  click on “Download-Server CHIP Online “ and download the software.

    2. Note: The software is in English language.

    3. Now Install the software, during installation you will see a  pop-up window similar to below(2nd) image, enter your first name, last name , email address and click “Lizenz..” button.

    4. That’s it you will get license code to your emai-Inbox, also the software will be updated with the license, else enter the code by clicking “Unlock App” button.

    Thanks to Murphy.

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