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Download MachStudio Pro 2 Free

MachStudio Pro 2 by StudioGPU is a professional 3D workflow and rendering package created for artists.Normally the costs around $4000 (USD), but the developers StudioGPU are now giving the full featured version of MachStudio Pro for free to all.

What is MachStudio Pro?

MachStudio Pro is stand-alone, visualization and rendering software that lets 3D artists create and manipulate lights, materials, and HDR cameras in a real-time, non-linear workflow environment to achieve film quality results. It was the brainchild of a group of digital artists and engineers who saw an opportunity for streamlining the 3D production process by creating a workspace where artists could power through the creative process with less limitations on time and resources. The result is a powerful application that harnesses the power of the GPU to provide resolution independent, non-linear, real-time feedback on your desktop.

MachStudio Pro features and benefits

    Developed and continuously proven in a true high-end production environment, MachStudio Pro empowers creativity with real-time 3D workflow and rendering features that eliminate the need for expensive render farms. Key features include: 
  1. Optimized shader and material pipeline
  2. Ability to adjust and view all render passes independently
  3. Full materials library
  4. Interactive ambient occlusion (AO)
  5. Fully configurable lighting and animation constraint system
  6. Animatable and keyframeable properties for all materials
  7. Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras and lighting
  8. Real-time depth-map shadows and depth-of-field
  9. Exporters to support a wide range of file formats, including .fbx
  10. Customizable interface with hot keys, drag-and-drop tabs and scene manager
  11. Support for the creation of unlimited lights and gels
  12. Simulated global illumination, reflections, refractions and subsurface scattering
  13. Resolution independent with support for all popular final file formats and codecs
  14. Full Python scripting support
  15. learn more about MachStudio Pro 2 at :

StudioGPU says “See how MachStudio Pro can help you explore and refine your creative options in real-time in full cinematic quality within a true non-linear 3D environment. This is a full featured version of MachStudio Pro and has absolutely no financial obligation or commitment.”

MachStudio Pro system requirements :


Download MachStudio Pro 2 Free :

MachStudio Pro is a revolutionary 3D software that will help digital artists , saving them both time and money. If you are a 3D artist or learner try MachStudio Pro today. It’s free! Download your no-strings-attached free full version here:

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