Machine leanring for apps video course

Machine Learning for Apps Video Course Free on Udemy

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Machine Learning for Apps and products video course on Udemy normally cost $199.99, but for next 3 days, you can enroll in this course without paying anything.

With this course, you can learn to build intelligent apps taking advantage of the new foundational framework “Core ML” by Apple.

Core ML is one of the Apple’s hot new features for iOS 11, it is the first step if you want to start building apps with AI.

Machine Learning opens an entirely new world to opportunities that will take your apps to the next level.

Machine leanring for apps

Machine learning for apps and products video course helps you to learn how to use machine learning without needing a Ph.D.

This 7-hour video course has 42 lectures that let you learn Basics of Phyton and Core ML, then learn to build a classification Model and neural network to create a Smart (AI) app.The only requirement is you should have a computer with OS X or MacOS on it

Once subscribing this course you will get lifetime access, you can get access to the course on mobile and TV, completing the course you will get a certificate.

Interested people can visit this Page on Udemy, click ‘Enroll Now’ and log in to your account, then Start the course when your wish.


About the Video Course:

The goal of Machine Learning is to mimic the human mind. It can be used to find things like objects or images, make predictions and even analyze and recognize speech.

Dive in and learn the core concepts of machine learning and start building apps that can think. In this course, you are going to learn everything you need to know to start building more intelligent apps and your own ML Models.

You will begin by learning foundational python the language most predominantly used in machine learning.

Then you will build a classification model from scratch to make predictions.You will use a world-famous dataset to train this model then test it with neat data.

The model has never seen this type of classification is perfect for making suggestions about things the user might like creating a custom user experience.

Next, you will learn to create a neural network capable of classifying human handwriting and learn how it works in detail.

After that, you will take your neural network and build an iOS app that can classify handwritten digits drawn on the screen.

You can also use the neural network for identifying items places and other specific elements in photos and videos.

By the end, you will be able to apply concepts and tools learned in this course to create your own machine learning models for making suggestions, predictions and more.

So if you want to make your apps smarter than ever, just enroll in this Video course.