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Luminar AI Free 1 Year License: Professional Photo Editor [Windows/Mac]

Luminar AI Box Shot

Luminar AI by Skylum is the world’s first fully AI-powered image editing software. AI can save you time and effort.

However skilled you may be as a photographer, your final products will always benefit from a little tweaking and editing before being presented to your customers.

One such program is Luminar AI, which aims to streamline this process by handing off the editing to AI so that you can focus on being creative.

You don’t need Photoshop anymore because there are plenty of alternatives that are on par with or even better than Photoshop. You should check out Luminar.

In terms of editable file types, Luminar has you covered. With a simple drag-and-drop operation, the pictures can be imported into the software. You can also avoid the hassle of manually importing folders and files by accessing the entire hard drive directly within the program.

Manually adjusting an image is now a breeze thanks to the abundance of options. You can also use layers.

But that’s not all; the software also has useful features like an AI-powered eraser and transformation tools and the ability to work as a Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in.

When you first start up the program, you’ll be asked if you want to work on a single image or load an entire folder of pictures to make an album.

Choose your favourites, customize the thumbnail sizes, and arrange the entire catalogue according to capture or edit times, file type, size, or name. You’ll have the option to delete content, add colour, reduce noise, crop, and even convert to black and white. It is also possible to alter the lighting.

If you’re happy with the final product, you can save it to a folder, send it via email, or publish it on 500px.

Get Luminar AI for Free:

Visit this .

Put in your name and email address and hit the “Submit” button.

Please check your inbox for a message from Skylum (

You can find the license key or activation code in that email and links to download the installer(Windows & Mac).

Download the software from

Simply download and run the installer, sign up for a new Skylum account, or log in if you already have one.

Click “Activate” manually.

Enter the license code and unlock the full version.

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