Long Live YSR: YSR The people's leader no more

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Today Andhrapradesh(my state) lost a great leader , Andhra Pradesh CM DR. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy was found dead in chopper crash in Nallamalla forest.

The death of Rajasekhara Reddy in a tragic helicopter accident shocked me, sorry i don’t know where to express my grief, I’m speechless. We can not see such a great leader again and the future of Andhra Pradesh is in big question mark.

I can not believe you are not here on earth anymore, but a people’s leader will live in the Hearts of People for ever.Long Live YSR

May his soul rest in Peace. My deepest condolences to his family member’s..

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Some info on YSR:

YSR: A doctor with a finger on the public pulse

YSR: Leader of the masses

YSR’s death : End of saga in AP politics

  1. Y.S.Rajashekara reddy      The gratest cm in india
    swrnandra disa ga payanamaina thana padayathra ila mugisipotundani kalalokuda anukoledu pedala badugu balaheena vargala devudu mana ysr ki jyoharlu arpisthu          v.threelok nath reddy     mudigubba(ATP)

  2. I feel very bad about the untimely death of Our Greatest Leader and national hero Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy, i have been greately inspired by his dynamism and working style, his way of running the government has always been unique. He leaves behind a big vaccum in A.P politics and congress has lost a great leader. We should carry forward his legacy towards the development of our state and country. We Miss U Y.S.R.

  3. ysr v miss you…………
    i love u…………
    dear sir,
    i want 2 meet ys jagan ………..please tell about me

  4. ysr is God to us.basically i’m engineering student
    sir provided lot of scholarship to the students (EBC)
    sir believed that poor people were every where (in the every cast .

  5. “YSR” is a wonder. is a thunder. he made all the Andharapradesh people to became rich in livings. He gives all needed things to all the AP- people. Especially students are benifited from the YSR.

  6. he i s the best n wonderful C.M. he is everybody’s heart. he is great leader n graceful n majestic.he is everlasting.

  7. poddunne lechanu panta vaddaku vellanu anta bhagane undi.kani nenu vacchia taruvata oka varta vinnanu.nuvvu ekkadiki poleedu rajanna ma gundello gudu kattukunnavu ika akkadi nunchi nuvvu ekkadiki veltav rajanna.kani okkati matram nijam rajanna andrapradesh prajalandarini edpinchi nuvvu matram visranti tesukuntunnav rajanna YSR ……………..amar rahe

  8. rajanna………………… nevvu ekkda unna ma sanothoeshani korukontavu rajanna nevvvu mahatmudu vi rajanna marala nevvu boomi medha puttali anna