LockItTight, Track & Secure your Laptop

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Earlier I reported about Prey, a popular Laptop monitoring app that lets you keep track  your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. LockItTight is similar app dedicated for windows systems.

LockItTight is a small web & desktop utility that does everything from securing, monitoring and locating your laptop and prevents theft, or even if it happens it will track and locate its exact position.

LockItTight not only tracks location of your computers. In addition, it saves screen and camera shots on it’s server. You can access these information from any computer.

All you need to is register a free account at LockItTight, download the client software then install it and app will run on your windows background silently. Immediately your device or Laptop will be added to your LockItTight account and it will start monitoring your device, for every 30 minutes the client software on your system silent reports the status.

LockItTight Features:

  1. Location tracking: You will be able to see the locations of your computer on Google map.
  2. Computer screen capturing :It will capture and report the computer screen to it’s server at a specified interval.
  3. Webcam capturing : If your computer equipped with a webcam, LockItTight client software will take a shot and send the picture to LockItTight server at at a specified interval

The LockItTight client software works on Windows 7, Vista and Xp. The free service or standard service allows maximum of 1000 saved locations, 100 maximum screen & webcam captures.Locations, screenshots, and webcam images are captured every 30 minutes.

The only drawback I noticed is LockItTight free service or standard service supports only one Device or system, where as Prey supports 3 Devices.
Download: LockItTight