Lock/Hide Your Folder in Windows XP without Any Software

November 11, 2008 Off By kavya

Sometimes you have some data you want to save from your friends, you dont want to use any Folder lock software. Then in that case what will you do?

Well here is a simple solution. Suppose you have a folder “TEST”, and you want to lock it

Follow the instructions below.:

1. First try it out on an empty folder in case something goes wrong. So first create a folder in drive C , for example name it as “secret-files” without the quotes.

2. Next, open your command prompt ( Start > Run > type “cmd” in the Run box without the quotes )
3. Within the command prompt, type “attrib +s +h C:secret-files” ( without the quotes )

4. This command will make your folder completely invisible and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folders. Try search for the folder, I am sure it returns no result. It’s cool right?
5. To make the folder visible again type “attrib -s -h C:secret-files”
6. And of course you can lock other folder too, by changing the location C:secret-files to address of your folder.