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Linux For Dummies 10th Edition eBook for Free [Worth $21]

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Linux For Dummies ( 10th Edition) eBook by  Richard Blum normally retails for USD $21. It is now available for free, but for a limited time period.

To get the ebook for free, visit this set by TradePub.

Fill in all the required details in the form, such as name, email address, and hit the “Download” button.

This ebook size is around 25.9 MB  with 483 pages.

About  Linux For Dummies 10th Edition eBook

This Dummies ebook exposes you to the wonders of the Linux operating system, which Linus Torvalds designed as a labor of love in the early 1990s. The primary purpose of the ebook is to introduce you to the fast-rising ranks of Linux users and enthusiasts who are busy rewriting the rules for the operating system marketplace.

If you’ve considered making the jump to Linux but have been put off by the prospect, you may now rest easy. If you know how to boil water and set an alarm clock, you can learn how to use the Linux operating system. (This is not a joke!)

Linux For Dummies 10th Edition

When this book appeared in its first edition, Linux was a new phenomenon that was neither widely known nor well understood.

With so much material accessible in this version — aimed at a new generation of Linux users — the author oriented this particular title toward explaining what Linux is and how to make the greatest use of it on your desktop.

To that purpose, this ebook provides access to a variety of online resources, tips, and techniques, as well as more general training.

Richard Blum maintained the amount of technobabble to a minimum in this book and used plain English as much as possible. Aside from clear discourse about Linux installation, boot up, configuration, and applications, the author has included many examples and detailed directions to help you set up and use your very own Linux machine with the least amount of stress or confusion.

Your step-by-step guide to the latest in Linux

 Whether you’re new to Linux and in need of a step-by-step tutorial, or an experienced user looking to brush up on the latest versions, Linux For Dummies, 10th Edition has you covered.

This updated edition covers everything from installation to automation and includes new and renewed material—as well as chapters on installing a web server and writing simple shell scripts.