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Linux for Beginners: Why You're Not Using Linux yet eBook for Free

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Linux for Beginners is an ebook written for those who want to get started with Linux without experiencing the frustrations that other newcomers do.

For a limited time, this ebook published by Nathan Clark is available for free on Amazon. Programmer Nathan Clark has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and is a specialist in his field.

He has a master’s degree from MIT and has worked for some of the most prominent software businesses in the United States, where he has gained considerable expertise in software design and development.


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That’s it you can read this ebook on the desktop through Kindle cloud reader or via Kindle app on your Mobile device (Android/iPhone).

About Linux for Beginners: Why You’re Not Using Linux yet eBook

This Kindle book is for those who always wanted to try Linux but are frightened by the difficulty of moving to a new operating system.

In this book, you’ll learn :

  • How to avoid the one largest error a newbie may make, which can ruin their entire Linux experience.
  • How to install Linux in less than an hour, step by step (with illustrations).
  • How a single command line symbol error could cause you to restore your Linux system.
  • How to make Linux resemble Windows or macOS in appearance and functionality.
  • What is the ideal Linux distribution for a Windows user who has never used Linux before?
  • How to locate and install apps that are compatible with your particular distribution.
  • What should you do if your Linux system freezes, crashes, or displays unexpected errors?
  • How to navigate the Linux filesystem without using the command line, and what we use instead.
  • A fundamental component of Linux and how mastering it may elevate your Linux experience to new heights.
  • How Linux may help you become a better programmer and why programmers prefer Linux to Windows and macOS.
  • How to construct partitions and mount the appropriate filesystem for your requirements.
  • An important distinction between Linux and Windows that you can use to save gigabytes of space.
  • Where to go for aid if you’re stuck and don’t know what to do.
  • How to protect yourself from dangers by identifying sections of your system that are vulnerable to assault.
  • Why a beginner shouldn’t use Ubuntu and what to do instead…and a lot more!

It doesn’t have to be difficult just because you’re a newbie.