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Linux Administration Best Practices eBook worth $34 for Free: Limited Time Offer

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Linux Administration Best Practices is an influential book for anyone interested in learning how to manage a Linux system.

This book will help you become a better administrator, whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt.

Scott Alan Miller wrote the book, which usually costs $33.99, but for a short time, the book publisher “Packt” in partnership with Tradepub is giving it away for free. That’s an amazing deal!

Free Download: Linux Administration Best Practices eBook – Enhance Your Skills Today!

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The end date for this free offer is February 23, 2023. The ebook is 404 pages long and is 3.7 MB in size.

About “Linux Administration Best Practices,” Book:

Linux is a well-known, open-source operating system that is part of the Unix family. It is the most popular OS today.

Linux has what appears to be a promising future for the next many decades, yet system administration is rarely studied beyond memorization of checklists and compliance with vendor recommendations. You need to know how these systems function and be able to make calculated choices about them if you want to be a top-notch Linux administrator.

Linux Administration Best Practices

This ebook will teach you how to take great care of Linux servers and computers. You will learn how to set up your system, let other people use it, and do other important things.

Each part of the book will tell you what’s important and show you how it’s done with examples. You will learn about technology in a way that is useful for your work.

The book will also tell you how to fix problems with Linux systems and servers in the best way, which will help you at work and in your business.