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LinkedIn For Dummies, 6th Edition e-book  Worth $16 for Free

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LinkedIn For Dummies ebook teaches LinkedIn novices how to find new possibilities, improve their personal brand, network with other professionals, and exponentially advance their careers.

This Dummies edition ebook helps you to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that gets attention. Market yourself through connections and content. Identify career trends, key skills, and industries.

Normally, the sixth edition of LinkedIn For Dummies costs $16. This ebook is now available for free for a short time. You can obtain the book for free.

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About LinkedIn For Dummies:

LinkedIn is the number one networking site for business professionals and fresh job seekers because it amplifies your knowledge through the influence of your connections.

This book talks about everything you need to know about how to use the LinkedIn site: how to sign up and build your profile; how to grow your network of contacts; and how to use some of the more advanced options.

LinkedIn For Dummies ebook

Joel Elad, the author of the ebook, gave a lot of advice and talked about networking ideas. You will also find a lot of step-by-step instructions on how to get things done.

People in over 200 countries use LinkedIn, and this book is a passport to help you connect more effectively with many of them. It’s also a guide to the platform’s tools and features, as well as the proven strategies that get you noticed.

  • Build your personal brand and market it
  • Sell yourself by highlighting skills, awards, and endorsements
  • Get connected with LinkedIn groups
  • Manage and make introductions via InMail