“Likes” are the new links in the social market

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It is apparent that the market is a place where buying and selling takes place. However, this context has been taking a new toll day-to-day. Here, the social market is specified to the websites that are available on the internet and there have been various marketing options in order to make these websites familiar. Now-a-days, network marketing possesses a leading role due to the improving sophisticated technology.


The new ‘face’ of internet

There are many websites available on the internet that aid in developing a social relationship among people. Some of them worth mentioning are Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. These websites are widely used by the people all over the world. They not only work on building relationships but also in turn, the companies owning such social networking websites gain profits based on the web traffic created by their users.


Hence, the organizations publicize their websites by adopting various promotional activities. Sometimes, organizations create new links with regard to their website in other networking websites, which might not include their competitor’s websites. These links will be used up by the regular users of that particular website. Thus, it increases the users and also the website traffic.


Social networking – the facet

In recent years, these social networking websites have stepped into online retailing. However, there were certain negotiations regarding this issue. Few of them reported that the users make use of these websites only to search a friend or a person and not to search any expensive product. This means that, the users particularly remind these websites for friends and social network but not for product or purchase. This assumption may be a disadvantage for such websites.


‘Like’ and ‘link’

There are a few unanimous cases where the users gave an optimistic assurance for individuals who own such websites. This was achieved by the link ‘like’ by Facebook.

This ‘like’ button can be associated to certain brand names and products in it. Say for instance, a person adds up a ‘like’ to a specific product like wedding cakes, his/her name will be added to the advertisement. From then anyone individual who views the ad can view the names in it. Also, a user can track his/her friend’s name in the ad, through which they might also ‘like’ and purchase the product. This is one unique promotional activity just similar to a word-of-mouth.


The link ‘like’ provided a greatest possibility of online selling by a social networking site such as Facebook. The users, in turn, can be benefited in terms of price by receiving discounts for the product. The product companies are also benefited as they get to reach many customers across the world with the click of a mouse.


The ban on the ‘like’ button

There have been other negotiations on Facebook links such as the German state, Schleswig-Holstein, banning Facebook’s link ‘like’. This is due to the reason that the website violates certain German and European data protection laws and also the use of the ‘link’ button contravenes the country’s data protection laws. Hence, the country passed a strict prohibition on using this link by all means. However, this was rejected by Facebook since the social networking site is used by many in different ways, say for instance, tagging their photos.

Nevertheless with all the hue and cry around, it is worth mentioning that such plugins are always beneficial because they are the outcome of already proven results that stand as superior marketing tools in driving business successfully.


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