Life by You: A New Game That Lets You Create Your Own World, Launching Soon

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Paradox Interactive has announced its new game, “Life by You,” developed by Rod Humble, former head of The Sims and CEO of Second Life studio Linden Labs.

The game promises to provide players with unprecedented freedom and personalization in creating and living their own virtual lives.

In the same way that Paradox Interactive’s Cities: Skylines series catered to fans of Electronic Arts’ Sim City, Life by You is aiming for The Sims’ massive fan base.

LIFE by YOU Game Play

What is Life by You?

Players in this life simulation game can build and take care of their own virtual characters, environments, and narratives.

Since mods are fully supported, players will have access to a plethora of tools that will allow them to design their own unique virtual environments and play out their own unique stories.

Paradox has hinted that the game will have a novel artificial intelligence system that will give the characters more freedom in how they interact with one another. Because of this, the game’s world should feel more alive and vibrant, as players can see their characters form bonds with other playable characters.

Paradox has a history of making popular simulation games like City Skylines and Europa Universalis IV, so you can expect more of the same from them in the future.

It would appear that with the upcoming release of Life by You, Paradox once again intends to deliver a high-quality simulation game that will appeal to a wide audience.

LiFE by YOU Game

What players can expect from Life by You?

  • Experience an open world to play in: Play the game without the interruption of loading screens. Start talking to people in the real world. Get out into the countryside by car or bike.
  • You can get more creative by using mods to make your own game content. Use a variety of deep creation tools.
  • Take control directly: Put your people where you want them, or drive them yourself in third-person. Choose to either be an individual or a narrator of multiple lives.
  • Every real-language conversation is generated based on the unique situation of your character. The game allows for the creation of custom dialogue.
  • Create the world you want to live in: Construct the homes and businesses of your human’s from scratch. Equip them from top to bottom, interior to exterior. The entire city can be dragged, demolished, and rearranged.
  • Using the Human Creator, you can create fully customized humans, including complex personalities and traits. You can style and restyle your humans at will.

LifE by YOU Human Charcter Creation

Release and Pre-Order Details:

On September 12th, this simulation game will be available for $39.99 on the PC. You can add it to your wishlist or pre-order it from the . In-game bonuses are being made available to those who pre-order the game.

If you enjoy life simulation games like The Sims, keep an eye out for “Life by You”. It’s exciting to hear about such a potentially game-changing effort.

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