LG’s first Windows Phone Series 7 Handset

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Microsoft at The Engadget Show, unveiled the first Windows Phone 7 handset from LG, a pre-production prototype. Lastmonth at Mobile World Congress 2010, Microsoft launched their newest mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 Series.

Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman revealed the new LG phone (name not announced) prototype, which seems to perfectly fit the hardware requirements of “Windows Phone Series 7” mobile OS. Coming to the features of this Handset, it has QWERTY slider keyboard and a standard front face with an average-sized touchscreen and the three hard buttons (Back, Home and Search) according to reference design

According Engadget this device is “just a hair thicker than an iPhone or Nexus One” and features a 5 megapixels camera with flash and a headphone jack.  As the device is still a prototype  anything could be  changed  between this model and the offical model which is expected to launch between this  September and December