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Leisure Suit Larry 3 PC Game for Free

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Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals is the third part of this fantastic and hilarious series. This graphic adventure game was made by Al Lowe and released by Sierra On-Line.

The story starts with the main character, Larry Laffer, getting a divorce from his lover at the end of the last series. Will Larry ever meet the right person? The game starts on Nontoonyt Island, and the graphics and mouse controls have been improved. You’ll go to different places on the island and meet four pretty girls who will catch Larry’s attention.

This is the first game in the series where you can control one of the female characters, Patti, during the last part of the game.

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Leisure Suit Larry 3 Full Game for Free

About Leisure Suit Larry 3:

The story begins five years after the end of Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love.

After Larry beat Dr. Nonookee, the island of Nontoonyt has turned into a resort that looks like Honolulu, Hawaii. Larry has found a good job with “Natives Inc.” that pays well, and he and his wife, Kalalau, live in a nice house (the daughter of the tribal chief from the previous game).

Kalalau’s father works for Larry now (now a development mogul, who changed his name from “Chief Keneewauwau” to “Chairman Kenneth”). Larry’s marriage ends suddenly after years of happiness when Kalalau dumps him for another woman.

Soon after, Larry also loses his job. When Larry hears this, he goes into a phone booth and changes out of his aloha shirt and into his signature white suit. This shows that he is back to living the swinger life.