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LEGO Builder's Journey PC Game: Free for 24 Hours ($19.99 Value)

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LEGO Builder’s Journey is a puzzle-adventure video game created by Light Brick Studios and released by The LEGO Group.

The game takes place in a world made entirely of LEGO bricks. Players take control of a small character who sets out on a journey to become a Master Builder.

This PC game normally retails for $19.99, but for today only, you can get it for free from the Epic Games Store.

In the Epic Games Store, you can get this game for free until 4 PM UTC on December 21, 2022.

In order to get the game, please go to

About LEGO Builder’s Journey Game:

This is an atmospheric, geometric puzzle game where following the rules is sometimes necessary and other times is not.

Get lost in the poetic world of LEGO® bricks and give yourself plenty of time to experiment with free-form puzzle solving.

All the way through the story, there will be difficult times as well as joyful ones. The journey of the builder is the journey of self-discovery.

Players must use their LEGO building skills to design and construct structures and vehicles to use in the game’s various puzzles and challenges. The game takes place in a number of different settings, each of which presents its own special set of difficulties.

Character upgrades, such as the ability to fly or transform into different animals, are unlocked as the player advances through the game. There are many power-ups and unique bricks in the game that can be used to progress through the levels and solve the puzzles.

Overall, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a fun and challenging game that encourages players to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to get past obstacles and finish levels. People of all ages can play it and has different parts that make it fun for a wide range of people.