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Leawo Photo Enlarger Giveaway - Free 1 Year License [Win/Mac]

Photo Enlarger Box Shot

Leawo Photo Enlarger is an image upscaler that uses AI to make images bigger by increasing the image resolution instead of just making the pixels bigger.

Taking pictures has been a fantastic method for us to permanently record all of our most treasured memories. Low-resolution and low-quality shots are the norms for images captured with outdated Canons and Nokia phones. Is there a method to enlarge photos without compromising quality? For such purposes, Leawo has created the Photo Enlarger.

The use of deep learning AI allows for better colour rendering, fewer artifacts, and more realistic texturing. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you upsize an image by 2x, 4x, 6x, or even 40x; the quality will remain the same or improve.

Remove noise and mist from photos automatically or manually while improving resolution to make enlarged images look clearer and more natural, without blur, pixilation, or graininess. The Photo Enlarger utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to automatically improve image quality by adjusting contrast, sharpness, and brightness. One can also use manual controls to fine-tune the settings.

With the newest hardware acceleration technology powering it, this photo editing software can expeditiously process a single image or a group of images at a speed that is five times faster than before.

Leawo Photo Enlarger Features:

Get Leawo Photo Enlarger for Free:

Visit this Leawo .

Click the button that says “Like us on Facebook.”

Windows users click the “Get Win Now” button, then enter their name and email address and click the “Get it Now” button.

Similarly, Mac users have to click the “Get Mac Now” button to get the license code.

Download the online installer from here or the offline installer[976 MB].

Following successful installation and launch, the app’s primary interface will feature a “Key” icon; clicking this will prompt you to enter the licensing code, which will unlock the full version of the software.

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