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Learn Java 17 Programming Book, Second Edition by Nick Samoylow helps you learn the basics of Java programming and discover important programming concepts like object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming. You’ll get to write code and create projects using the newest LTS version of Java.

The ebook Learn Java 17 Programming, Second Edition, is currently available for free for a limited time (a $31.99 value).

About Learn Java 17 Programming (2nd edition) eBook:

Java is widely esteemed in the world of programming languages. Its recent improvements enhance its capabilities, and it is extensively employed in various devices, such as smartphones, game consoles, and supercomputers.

This book starts by explaining how to install the Java Development Kit. Then, it focuses on teaching you the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP), which includes important concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Learn Java 17 Programming eBook

As you begin coding for practical applications, these ideas will be essential for your success. The book also covers essential programming structures of Java, such as data structures and algorithms, which are the building blocks of your applications. You’ll learn about them through sample code and exercises.

Also, you will delve into essential programming techniques that will help you handle errors, address bugs, and test your programs.

Starting with the fundamentals and progressing to more advanced topics like Java libraries, database administration, and network programming, you’ll work on a sample project to understand their practical applications.

By the end of this book, you’ll not only have a firm grasp of Java 17 but also an understanding of its future direction. You’ll be able to write clean and maintainable code by following industry standards.

What you will learn

  • Know how to use Java’s object-oriented features and framework
  • Dig into Java’s best practices and design patterns for common issues.
  • Create beautiful, functional user interfaces quickly.
  • Get a grasp of microservices’ use by studying real-world examples
  • Learn best practices and idioms for Java programming
  • Learn how data structures are used in Java programming.


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