LayerView Free license

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LayerView is an $39 worth Windows Network Analyzing software and due to popular demand its developers are Giviaway this software for free for limited period for NON-COMMERCIAL use only.

LayerView is a fast, lightweight packet sniffer. It will show you exactly what data your computer is sending and receiving.

Key features :

  • Conversation view:
    LayerView reconstructs entire TCP/UDP conversations for browsing.
  • Protocol analysis:
    LayerView can decode a wide range of protocols, with more being added every day.
  • Full filtering support:
    LayerView lets you search through and filter data collected.
  • Compatible with Windows 2003, Vista, XP, Server 2008/Win 7


LayerView Free license :

  1. Go to this page : and enter your email addres to obtain free license.
  2. Download “Layerview.license” from the redirected page or from the email you received.
  3. Download : Layerview v1.10
  4. Install it, run “layer view “, then click on “click here I have license and select the downloaded “Layerview.license” path and activate the license.