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Lawn Mowing Simulator Game is Now Available for Free

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Lawn Mowing Simulator is available for free on the Epic games store. This week, the Epic Games Store is giving away this $19.99 simulator for free.

The game lets people live out their dreams of cutting grass in the beautiful countryside of Great Britain. It gives you a choice of 12 “real-world licensed lawn mowers” to use. STIGA, Toro, and SCAG are some of the brands included. Each mower has its own settings and problems, so there are numerous reasons for gamers to become familiar with them.

Anyone who wants to can get the game from the Epic game store between July 28 and August 4, 2022.

To get the game, go to this link:


Lawn Mowing Simulator Game

About Lawn Mowing Simulator:

The game is set in the quiet countryside of Great Britain and lets players use lawnmowers made by some of the biggest companies in the world. It’s both relaxing and deep.

There are three ways to play this Simulation game: Career Mode, Free Mode, and Challenge Mode. To take on the many contracts in the game, players need to remember to check the ground, figure out the right height for the blades, and measure the mower’s engine load. Also, you can add different attachments, such as stripe rollers, grass collectors, and recyclers, to make them mow more efficiently. These tools can be used in “busy residential streets, vast castle grounds, quaint cottage greens, and large equestrian fields,” among other places.

This year, in August, Lawn Mowing Simulator will mark one year since its initial release by Curve Games.

The goal of the game is to run a lawn-mowing business. Players can use different licensed tools to keep their business going and help it grow. Different missions give the players different things to do. Even though it is a virtual platform, the focus is very much on reality, so players will have to take their jobs very seriously.

This week’s free offer might be perfect for you if you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of mowing the lawn without working up a sweat in the brutal summer heat. There’s always next week if this isn’t your cup of tea.