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Lavasoft Registry Tuner Free 1 year License

Lavasoft Registry Tuner  is a Registry cleaning utility for your Windows system, Lavasoft a well known  company for developing  system security softwares has released windows registry errors fixing application called “Lavasoft Registry Tuner”, costs $29.95 (RS 2003) for 1 year subscription and  Lavasoft  is giving away one year license of this product free  until this weekend (Nov 17,2013).

According to the Software developer, this Registry tuner will increase the stability  and performance of your Windows system by  finding invalid entries or errors in your windows registry and tries to fix them, normally registry errors are one of the main cause for slowing down the system performance and may finally lead to system crash.  Registry errors may occur during un-installation of certain application, viruses and useless apps. So using this  ‘Regitry tuner’  you can registry errors or cleanup registry to improve your system performance.

Not only this Lavasoft Registry Tuner app cleans temporary/junk files on your system and Internet clutter such as browser history,  cookies and other unnecessary log files. Further this Lavasoft application allows you to safely uninstall programs, as well as removing and cleaning any file fragments left behind. Also the application provides option to safely uninstall unnecessary IE plugins.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner

User Interface and Functions:

The software has a user-friendly interface , on the app’s main Ui you will find Five Tabs or menus  which include: Clean Registry, Clean Drives, Manage Applications, Recovery Center and Reports. Clicking these tabs and hitting the scan button will perform their designated  function.

1. Clean Registry :

This module will scan your PC to resolve problems and eliminate potential errors in the windows registry. Your Windows registry will be automatically backed-up for every cleaning operation. If you wish to customize the scan, simply select the areas you want to include by checking  or the un-checking the boxes displayed by this module.

2. Clean Drives :

This  module will quickly scan your drives and eliminate  unnecessary files and Internet clutter.You can also add files or folders that you do not wish to analyse and clean by this module.

3. Manage Applications :

Use this module to uninstall applications safely without creating registry errors.

4. Recovery Center:

As I said before the app will backup your registry every time before performing registry cleaning operation,  so that you can restore the previous functionality of your system, if there is any instability after performing a cleanup.

You can use this module to restore to your preferred registry backup , also  you can create restore points and restore your system through this module.

5. Reports:

This will provide  reports about  fixed and ignored registry errors, free system space by removing unnecessary files and the history of cleanup process date and results.

Conclusion and Advice:

This is a new software from security app’s developer, I think nowadays it seems common that several security products firms are releasing  standalone  system cleaning utilities  or even integrating them into their security applications. Also this software from Lavasoft  is a paid one and given away for free for over a limited time period, interested users can avail this opportunity.

Although Registry cleaners are intended to do good for your system but over using them will create problems and in worst case they may kill your system , our advice is just  run a safe registry cleaner once in a month and keep your system. I recommend the  freeware ‘ CCleaner’ , which is safe and popular for this job.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner Free 1 year License :

To get the $29.99 worth one year license of Registry Tuner , just visit this  Lavasoft promotion page, enter your name and email address in the form, hit the ‘Send’ button and wait  5 to 10 minutes to receive the license key.

Now download Lavasoft Registry Tuner v.2.0.1, install it and once you launch the app for the first time, you will notice ‘Buy now’ and ‘Scan and Repair’ buttons. Click the Scan button, you will see the   home screen of the app and  in this window on the top menu bar  you will notice ‘Activate’ button, click it and enter license Key included in the email that you received.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner license key


Note : This Giveaway will end on 11:59pm PT on Sunday, November 17, 2013.

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