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Launcher8 : Get Windows Phone 8 look for your Android

Launcher8 is a free launcher your Android device that brings Windows Phone 8 metro interface, although the app doesn’t provide real Windows Phone experience, at-least the app offers a Windows Phone 8-like layout for your Android home screen.

So if your are bored with regular Android’s User Interface, your can try launcher8 and have your Android mobile phone look more like Windows Phone 8.You get a more customizable set of tiles that can be different sizes, translucent so the wallpaper can be visible behind and there is a slightly bigger list of widgets that play the role of live tiles.

Once launcher 8 app is installed and when you run the app it will replace your android launcher and displays your apps as tiles.Also the app replaces android lock screen with the Windows 8 lock screen. To unlock the phone, now you have to swipe the image upwards. Launcher8 comes with 5 lockscreen wallpapers, you can set them by touching menu button or settings tile and look for wallpapers.

Not only this , the app allows you to edit tile Colors an background Image of tiles, just touch settings tile,then select “edit” and touch the tile you wan to edit, now tap on the pencil handle to edit the color and background. The arrow handle will re-size the tile and the pin handle will remove that tile.

Features of Launcher 8

Launcher8 developed by QiHang Dev Teams utilizes only 4MB of your phone memory and works on smart phones running on Android OS version 2.2 and above.The app received above 32 thousand reviews on Google play and received 4.5/5 rating .

Download Launcher8 from Google play

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