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If you have a PC, then DiskImage is invaluable. With Laplink DiskImage Pro, you can create a perfect copy of your PC’s hard drive—so if anything happens to your PC like theft, physical damage, virus, etc. With the help of disk image ,you can quickly and easily restore everything.

 Laplink DiskImage pro

Laplink DiskImage is an effective imaging application for both business and home users.As you probably know all too well, important data can be unexpectedly lost as a result of a system crash or viral attack. Laplink DiskImage is the ideal tool for quickly and easily taking the trouble out of such inconveniences.
Laplink DiskImage enables the convenient duplication or archiving of entire operating systems and individual disks. It even supports dynamic drives and RAID systems.

Easily protect against data loss: Create image files of your drives on a regular basis and you’ll be fully protected against data loss. The Start Page for Laplink DiskImage offers easy access to tasks such as imaging, restoring, and cloning.

Advanced imaging options: You can customize the imaging methods to suit your own individual needs. Even a 1:1 image of your system or user-defined images are possible.

Laplink DiskImage features many other options for creating and restoring images exactly the way you would like. As a result of the special Laplink DiskImage program settings, a substantial amount of computer performance is saved, allowing you to continue working on your PC while the image is created.


Laplink DiskImage Pro Key Features:

1.Easy-to-Use Wizard: Create images and perform restorations with the easy-to-use one click wizard.

2.Advanced Burning: Store your image on CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs ® or external media.
3.Hardware Independent: Restore your entire image to any PC regardless of hardware.
4.Automated Incremental Imaging: Automatically create full or incremental images of your PC, even while in use.
5.Perfect Copy: Make an exact replica of your existing PC’s data.
6.Boot CD: Easily repair and restore your Windows system, applications and files directly from the boot CD, even if your operating system won’t start.

Laplink DiskImage Pro Free License:

Normally a 1 year license of Laplink DiskImage 5 Professional edition will cost $40, however Laplink is giving away this product for free by welcoming new year 2013 and saying “thank you” to it’s users.

To grab this offer visit this promo page, click “redeem”, then create a laplink account and obtain serial for DiskImage 5 pro.

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1.If you have previously used Laplink PCmover, you already have an account! Simply use the email address you used to register.

2.This Promotion/giveaway will be available till January  10,2013.