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Kryptel Enterprise Full Version License worth $39.95 for Free [Windows]

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Kryptel Enterprise is a Windows program that can help people protect sensitive information by encrypting, decrypting, or making backups.

About Kryptel Enterprise:

Using this 64-bit encryption software, you can prevent unauthorized access to documents, videos, images, and entire folders.

The program provides a selection of industry-standard encryption algorithms like AES-256, Twofish, and Blowfish(576-bit).

Kryptel’s setup is so simple we can complete it in a few seconds.

During setup, you have the option of adding Kryptel as a shell extension to Windows Explorer, making it possible to encrypt, decrypt, verify, and destroy files directly from within the Explorer.

Kryptel Enterprise UI

You can start encryption by opening the app and entering all the required parameters in dialogue boxes. You can also encrypt or decrypt data right from the context menu in Windows Explorer, or you can use the “Kryptel” browser.

Passwords, binary files, or a YubiKey can all be used as keys. There is a virtual keyboard for entering passwords to protect against keyloggers.

Kryptel browser lets you access encrypted containers, where you can drag and drop files to add, remove, or decrypt them. By compressing your encrypted files, you can make them smaller, and you can delete the originals if you don’t need them.

You can store encrypted data on data carriers or in the cloud with the “Kryptel Enterprise” full version and automate backups using scripts (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive).

Kryptel Enterprise Features:

  1. Simple and Easy: Drag a file or folder to the Kryptel desktop icon or right-click and select “Encrypt.”
  2. Reliable encryption: uses the newest NIST-approved Advanced Encryption Standard and other well-known ciphers for advanced users.
  3. Encrypted Backups: Make backups that can be stored anywhere.
  4. Better Passwords: a secure password manager that stores and transmits user passwords and keys via an encrypted channel.
  5. Failure Resistant: Even if the computer crashes in the middle of encryption, no data is lost.
  6. Easy to Automate: The command-line interface can do all mouse actions. Kryptel provides server-side processing and batch-mode encryption.
  7. Take It Along: You can install it on a USB stick or hard drive. Access encrypted data without a desktop PC.

Get Kryptel Enterprise Full Version for Free:

Kryptel’s Enterprise Edition, normally $39.95, is currently being given away for free via ComputerBild.

Just go to this ComputerBild webpage and click the “Download” button.

Download the provided zip file.

Once the zip file is downloaded and extracted, you will find the installer and the license key text file.

When you encounter an activation window similar to the screenshot below, run the installer.

Select the “Paste your license code discreetly” option.

Simply paste the code into the designated field and press “Enter” to proceed with the setup.

That concludes the process.

kryptel Enterprise License