Knots 3D Android app free

Knots 3D Android App Now free only for 24 Hrs [Worth $5.99]

Posted by Ramakanth

Knots 3D app lets you learn to tie more than 150 knots. The Android version of the app normally sells for $5.99 and it’s now available for free.

This free offer is only for one day or 24 hours. On the Google Play store, with over 5 lacs downloads the app received a 4.8 Star rating (out of 5) from more than 16 thousand user reviews.

If you are interested in this app, then from your Android device visit this Google Play Store link and hit the “Install” button.

About Knots 3D:

Choose from 152 different knots and see how they’re tied in incredible detail. Watch the knot draw itself or use your finger to tie and untie the knot.

It’s easy to see where the virtual rope goes in and out and around. (Something about a rabbit and a hole and a tree right? ) Zoom in on the knot to get a closer look or flip it around for another perspective. Can your old-school knot app do that?!

The unique ability to rotate a knot to see the front, back, and everything in-between sets Knots 3D apart from other knot websites and provides interactivity you can’t get from a knot book.

See what a Sheet Bend or Bowline looks like rotated 45°, 90° 180°, or anywhere in-between. Knots 3D takes knot tying into the next dimension!

Used by arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers, military, and boy and girl scouts the world over, Knots 3D will quickly teach you how to tie even the most difficult knot!

Each 3D knot has detailed reference information including tying pointers, strength and reliability, structural info, and Ashley reference numbers (ABoK), and occasionally the history behind the knot.

Features and Functions:
•  152 unique knots with new ones added frequently.
•  Browse by category or search by name, common synonym or ABOK #.
•  Landscape and portrait modes and full screen (zoom in to see greater detail).
•  Watch knots tie themselves and pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time.
•  Rotate knots in 360 degrees, 3D views to study them from any angle.
•  Interact with the knot on screen by “scrubbing” your finger over the knot to advance or rewind the animation.
•  Dark mode / Light Mode