KiwiTorrent :Search 20 Torrent search engines at one place

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KiwiTorrent is an interesting tool (website) that incorporates up to 30 of the best search Torrent search engines in one place, which will make you search anything, saving time to enter each search engine, It is worth if you think in that point of view.

Although your search is a manual way,the operation is identical to other (torrent) sites search style, put the keyword you want, choose the search engines you want to do search and done, the results are displayed.

The (torrent) search engines are placed on the left frame of the site, showing the results to the right. simply click on the desired search results that appear to the left of it.

KiwiTorrent incorporates well-known search engines like:

* Thepiratebay
* Mininova
* Torrentz

The site lacks some polished features,but it is a good option to do torrent file searches at onr place,instead of seaching each and every torrent search engine.

Link: Kiwitorrent