Kish Kish Lie: A lie detector for Skype

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Millions of people are using the Skype application to make calls for free over the internet, but how many of them are honest, hmm? The KishKish Lie Detector plug-in aims to let you know when you’re getting Porkies Over IP, by analyzing the stress levels in their voice.

This Plugin relies on the same technology used by police and the military to analyze the stress levels in a caller’s voice.


Once downloaded, every time you make a Skype call, it shows four indicators of the person you’re talking to’s stress level. It takes the first 10 seconds of the conversation to calibrate the system. Then, four on-screen displays register the stress level of the speaker throughout the conversation. The most prominent one is a needle that moves up and down. The second is a meter that measures the stress level from 0 to 100. There is also a green light that changes to red when stress levels are above normal and finally, on top of the display there is a message that indicates the stress level of the speaker.

Link: Kish Kish Lie