Kintsugi -Mindful talk therapy App for iOS devices Now Free [Worth $20]

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Kintsugi is a talk therapy app for mental health, powered by your voice. The app is available for iPhone/iPad for $19.99 and now the app price is reduced to $0.

On the Apple App Store, this app received a 4.5 Star rating (out of 5) from more than 180 user reviews.

Get the App for free from the App Store or visit this link:

About the Kintsugi App:

Mental health can be hard. Some days are worse than others, and every person’s journey to fulfillment is different.

Kintsugi’s approach to care is unique because it is tailored for you. It is personalized to your needs and to whenever is convenient for you.

The need for quantifiable, nonjudgmental mental health is simple: being able to see your own trends over time can be incredibly helpful.

Kintsugi users are able to passively track PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores for depression and anxiety in concert with their journal entries over time, allowing individuals to see progress without much more effort than just talking about top-of-mind issues.

The app allows users to vent thoughts, frustrations, happy moments, and anything in between without a filter and transcribes their notes for their future selves.

Kintsugi - talk therapy app

Journal anytime. Feel heard and understood, supported through our Community, and learn more about yourself. The perfect therapy companion app, Kintsugi is here for you!

The goal of therapy is self-knowledge. Whether you’re new to cognitive behavioral therapy or an expert, Kintsugi is personalized talk therapy software that leverages AI and  Community’s collective knowledge to unearth new insights about you.

Simply speak into the app, and let us do the rest. Kintsugi promotes clinically proven techniques to tackle daily stress, anxiety, and depression.

Look to grow, be mindful, and promote self-peace with Kintsugi.

Kintsugi Features:

  1. Feel heard and understood

2. Non-judgmental and supportive AI

  1. Easy access 24/7

4. View your mood over time

5. Learn more about your emotional triggers

6. Read anonymized community inspirations

7. Mindful breathing minute-timer

8. Goal-setting workflow.

9. Personalized affirmations.

10. Meditation timer.

11. Automated mood tracking.

12. Smart voice journaling