Kingsoft Writer : Free Wordpad for Tablets

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Kingsoft writer is like an extended WordPad for tablets, with nominal features still providing a clean working environment and also it has ability to work with any type of documents,this includes working with emails , apart from other multimedia content

Generally  handling lots of documents on portable devices is a difficult task and that too typing  long text on a smart phone keyboard is hard but not so much on a tablet’s keyboard and with the help of applications like  Kingsoft office writer you can compose long documents very easily on your Android tablets or iPad.

The Kingsoft  Writer is one of the module available with Kingsoft Office suite, to use this writer on your tablet you must get Kingsoft Office suite application from Google Play or iTunes app store. The writer  allows to view/edit  documents more than 100 MB size either  in Page-Layout or Web-Layout, it supports 6 kinds of file formats, including DOC/DOCX/DOT/DOTX/WPS/WPT and you can even edit/view documents from your cloud accounts like Google Drive and other cloud storage services.

Also the app arrives with a  file manager that can automatically organize your office documents and  where  this filemanger  also helps you for  creating, copying , moving  or deleting folders.

Kingsoft Writer

Plus the Kingsoft Writer has  rich text editing features, which include increasing or decreasing font size,  Bold, Italic, Underline, Font color, Highlight, Text style, Paragraph alignment, zoom and full-screen etc.. Further it supports presentation of Header and footer, modify and comment, Graph object, formulas and symbols, etc.

Kingsoft is also friendlier for creating and editing office stuff, such as office presentations. Creating tables is intuitive and you can devise multiple sections with the tabs option in order that all that you are operating with is in one app. So using Kingsoft office suite, you not only work with documents (DOC ), but also you can use the app for creating/editing PPT’s and Spreadsheets (XLs).


Get Kingsoft Office from Google Play / iTunes