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Kingsoft PC Doctor is an easy to use PC  TuneUp and Security utility that is designed to Protect, clean, and optimize your windows system. Kingsoft PC Doctor uses cloud security engine as well as the Kingsoft V10 antivirus engine that extensively scans, to detect and remove any existing malware, clean junk files as well as optimize the Windows  for improved efficiency.

Kingsoft PC Doctor focuses on providing computer users real-time Internet security defense, Anti-Trojan protection, powerful Windows computer optimization service and, excellent cleaning service on Windows Registry, Internet History, and other computer operational trace.

Many people who use computers might wonder why they must have a Windows registry cleaner along with their anti-virus software. The majority of users have no clue how critical it can be to the operation of a Windows system. It quietly putters away in the background when users work with their computers, surf the internet, or play their favorite video games.

The registry would be the backbone of the Windows operating system. It records all sorts of data about the operating system configuration, information required to boot your computer and run software applications. In the event it becomes bloated with old information, duplicate entries and registry errors, it can lead to chaos on the computer system. Users may feel slow PC performance, programs may fail to open entirely and errors may occur when booting up the system.

Although, computer specialists can edit the registry manually to fix these issues, unskilled people should never attempt to repair the registry by hand because of the likelihood of damage. If users unintentionally change or delete one key that the system is required to boot then they might have to reinstall Windows to fix the damage.

There are many so-called free registry cleaner on the market. However, many of them just let you free scan your computer, and you have to pay when you want to fix those errors after scanning. Fortunately free Kingsoft PC Doctor not only enhance your PC defense but also it acts as a complete registry cleaning tool.

In addition, as a professional Windows optimization software, Kingsoft PC Doctor works on improve computer to peak performance. While running computer, there would be some thing slows down the device, such as, unnecessary Startup options and, automatic loaded processes; as to these options, Kingsoft PC Doctor gives computer users professional solutions and, help users to improve their computer devices to peak performance. Otherwise, by exploiting System Booster utility of Kingsoft PC Doctor, computer users can greatly improve Windows computer logon speed and, save time for starting Windows.


The installer of kingsoft  PC Doctor is very light with  15.2 MB in size,  I think  this is not a big size for  a multi utility app.After installing the app it will first scan for unpatched vulnerabilities and provides a  complete report and  clicking on “Diagnose” button , it ill scan your computer security and fix potential risks, thus the speed of your computer would be accelerated.

key features of “Kingsoft PC Doctor”:

  1. My Startup : Displays the detailed startup time of user’s PC.
  2. Powerful Trojan Virus Defense
  3. Real-time Web Protection
  4. Cloud Security offers adequate defence from Trojan viruses
  5. Windows Vulnerability Repair
  6. System Repair, Repairs broken Windows functions
  7. PC Cleaner :Cleans redundant registry and provides registry backup
  8. Suspicious plug-in cleaning function
  9. Trace Cleaner erases traces of online activities, local computer operating behavior history and Internet history.
  10. Startup Booster
  11. System Booster enhances your Windows performance.

Download: Kingsoft PC Doctor ( 15.2 MB)

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