KeyScrambler :Protects you from key loggers

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KeyScrambler is an  security addon for your browser, it is an anti-keylogging program designed specifically to strengthen your PC security. It uses state-of-the-art cryptography to keep your keystrokes scrambled and indecipherable while they travel from your keyboard to the destination app, say, your bank’s website or Facebook pages.

It lets you encrypt every single key you press make it impossible to know or read what username and password you have typed. So it will defeat any keylogger installed and will deface the logged key strokes.

Major benefit: Defeats keyloggers known or unknown. Realtime encryption of your keystroke stream is displayed live in the unobtrusive interface so you know how and when KeyScrambler is working.

Install keyscrambler depending on the browser you use,upon installation restart your PC .  This addon works on background without making any changes to your browser, just displaying changed key strokes. If a keylogger tool is installed on your computer, it will not be able to record any data that you enter online.

KeyScrambler is compatible with existing infrastructures and security programs and is therefore as easy for large corporations and organizations to deploy as for small and medium-sized enterprises to install. The unobtrusive interface lets users see KeyScrambler encrypting live and gives them peace of mind. Since its initial launch in August 2006, KeyScrambler has grown a customer base of more than 660,000 active users in 194 countries and territories.

verdict :
KeyScrambler is an excellent addition to your security arsenal. It’s free, operates transparently, doesn’t affect your PC’s performance and is available for both IE and Firefox.
Download : KeyScrambler