Keyboard Tweaker : create your own keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard Tweaker is a small (just 732kb) and lightweight application that will allow us to configure our keyboard keys to perform various actions, such as increasing or decreasing speaker volume, opening a web browser or our preferred video player.

Basically it is a Hotkeys manager which transform a normal keyboard with 101/102 keys into a multimedia keyboard using the hotkeys.

On startup it will display the list of preconfigured keyboard shortcuts ,we can customize shortcuts, all combinations of ” Ctrl, Alt or Shift” can be used with any of the keys . For Instance the we can use combination Alt+Ctrl+G to open,although we can use single keys to run an application but it will cause difficulties when you are typing any document.For example If you configured, key “V” for vlc player, when you type a letter “V” it will automatically¬† run VLC player, but you will be unable to type letter “V” on any document.So it better to use Alt,ctrl,shift combination along with key. Before applying a keyboard shortcut you can test its function by clicking “Test” button

Today majority of the keyboards are multimedia keyboards with features like controlling media playback and launching applications ,even though it will be useful to re- configure those pre-configured keys.It is compatible with almost all Windows operating systems(Windows 9x to Vista)

Although it is a freeware it will ask you to register an account which is free,you can get free registration code from this web page here).


Official Website: Keyboard Tweaker

Download: Keyboard Tweaker 2.3

  1. Hi,
    nice post!
    Do you know if it is possible to create shortcuts for menu entries, such as “open file” or things like that?
    (I know there is a shortcut for “open file”, I just used as an example)