Kepard VPN for Android free for 92 Days

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VPN lovers here is an opportunity to get premium VPN service “Kepard VPN” free for your Android devices. Kepard is now offering 92 days of their VPN service free for Android users.
As the name suggests Kepard VPN application brings VPN connectivity to Android devices. Normally we use a VPN software on our desktop for accessing blocked or region restricted websites and other purpose is to browse the web without revealing your activity identity or IP address.

Keepard VPN 3 months Promo
In a similar way Kepard application lets your Android device to unblock restricted websites and access content limited to certain countries or regions. Further Kepard VPN app on your Android protects your privacy by hiding your actual IP and assigning different IP address. Also the VPN service provides secure connection for browsing the web, the  service encrypts your entire Internet traffic , it uses up to 256 Bit Encryption.

Protocols and Servers:
According to the developer’s description, the VPN service supports and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) , L2TP and PPTP protocols, however on my Smartphone I noticed Kepard VPN  supports only OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP protocol, may be those protocols are removed to deal  traffic  with 3 month promotion.

Kepard VPN protocols

Regarding servers, the VPN service have servers  in 6 locations which includes: United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany and Canada. The outstanding feature of  a Kepard VPN  for Android, it supports unlimited traffic (as well as speed) and allows all torrents and P2P services, but torrents and P2P are only allowed through Netherlands server.

User Interface:

Get the app from Google play, install it and  provide permissions for proper functioning. The app has very smooth UI and easy to use, you can Connect /disconnect your VPN connection with a single click and you can change  VPN server locations and VPN protocols very quickly.

Keypar VPN servers

On launching the app, you will notice a big blue  ‘Power button’  like icon, touching on will start /disconnect  the VPN connection , above the  Power button you will see the Server location, touching on it will launch  list  of 6 server locations and you can choose them according to your need. Also you can select different IP address by touching the Change IP  button.

On the top of main screen,  you will notice the Kepard logo with  3 icons , the $ icon will let you purchase the premium VPN service, the service will cost $ 1.99 per month and $20 per year. Next  the wrench (wheel) icon will let you change the protocol, VPN parameters and  connectivity, to close the application you can use the  small Power button. Further there is  Gift wrap icon, use this you can earn 6 months premium service by referring the app to your friends (6).

Kepard VPN for Android free for 92 Days:

The developers launched 3 months promotion  and providing  Keprad VPN premium service free for Android devices, this promotion is available only for this October month.

To avail the free offer, first create your account at kepard, next  from your Android device downlad the app from Google play store and install it, activate premium VPN service by entering your login details.

Kepard VPN permissions

Alternate Free app : TunnelBear VPN, almost offers the same features and functions, but only limitation is 500MB traffic allowed per month.However you can get 1GB of data every month by tweeting about the TunnerlBear.




  1. Hallo,
    what is after the 92 days, have I to cancle the service after the test period or will it end automaticaly, because of the monthly cost?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Tom,
      After 92 days, you will not get access to use Kepard VPN and if you wish to avail the VPN, then you need to purchase a month/year plan.

  2. Hallo,

    have I to cancel the service or will it end automaticaly, because of the monthly fee?

    Nice day

    1. Hi Mark,
      The service will end automatically and nothing is required as you are not giving your credit card or Paypal details for creating your account.

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