Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 for Free

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Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 is nothing but a repacked version of  Kaspersky Internet security 2011. If you had followed our previous articles Kaspersky security CBE win 7 and Free Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10, you can understand what is  Kaspersky Security suite CBE.

Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11
But for users who don’t know, Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 is special build provided for free by Computer Build,a German Magazine.We can use this version on your PC with a simple registry hack that turns German interface to English interface.  So follow below steps to grab a free security suite for your PC,

Steps to activate and use Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 :

  1. First create an account at Computerbild.de(click here),by following below image
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    Note : If you already had a Computerbild account, then just go to step 3.

  3. Now you will get an email from ComputerBild with confirmation link, Click the link to activate your account.
  4. Now visit this Promo page :http://goo.gl/LdLwq ,login to your account by entering your user-name &password .
  5. Free KIS 2010 License

  6. Now select “Persönlichen…..”  box and click on “Lizenzschlüssel anfordern” button.
  7. Instantly you will receive an email with license code (in big Red letters) for KS CBE 11 from Computerbild.
  8. Download Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 installer from below file sharing sites
  9. Rapidshare or Mediafire or Megaupload

    Note :Before installing the software Check the Update at the bottom of the post to permanently change the German language to English.

  10. Install the software, if you are confused with german language follow this installation sequence “ Weiter –>Akzeptieren–>Installieren–> Weiter (in this case enter your License)–>weiter–> Ok”
  11. After installing the software, run Kaspersky CBE 11 and on Main interface click “Einstellungen”a wheel like icon, then click on “Gift box” like icon as shown in below image
  12. Now click on “Selbstschutz”, then Un-select “Selbstschutz aktiveren, this step will disable self defense of the security suite.
  13. Now click Windows key + R, then enter   regedit and click Enter button.
  14. WIN + R

  15. Next in the Registry Editor go to the following path
  16. Now double click “SkinSwitchDisabled” and change the value to from 1 to 0 (zero)
  17. Now Run Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11, then click SHIFT+F12 and you will see the German interface will be change to English, click “Fix” button for updates.


Update :  Check this Post by Mubashir to use this key on KIS 2011 :  Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 free for Lifetime

Note :

  • Unlike Previous CBE version, the registry hack will not permanently turn the German interface to English
  • After a restart the interface will return to German languauge and once again you need to click SHIFT+F12
  • Computer build will only provide a 84 days or 3 months valid key which will not work on normal KIS 2011
  • Once after or before completion of License period, you need to request key by following the link in step 3

[Thanks to sanath & Fredrick for the installer]

  1. Hi Ramakanth … Is this better than Norton 360 ….Whats the validity period…thanks for all the links u provide to all Indians without any consideration………

    1. Certianly much better than Norton 360, but you will miss online backup feature and CBE 11 license validity is 3 months and you can request the license code again for every 3 months by following the link in 3rd step.

      1. Hey Ramakanth is this different from KIS 2011 which u posted earlier….I have that one …….

  2. Thank you very much for this great giveaway.
    I didn’t understand if we can keep it forever (with every 3 months Lizenzschlüssel-request)?!
    Greetings, mishasin

    1. Yes you can request a license every 3 months and use the software as long you wish. But when Kaspersky releases KIS 2012, after few months computer build will release Kaspersky CBE 12, so you need to update to latest version.

      Also there will be a contract between Computer Build & kaspersky labs and we don’t know how long they will continue.

  3. Hi Ramakanth,
    Is that CBE 10 still can be continue used by inserting the key using the method you taught last time??

  4. Is this a good security suite, or just a rehashed version of Kaspersky antivirus?

  5. i tried installing and using this product but failed…i installed without a problem…changed the skinswitchdisabled form 1 to 0 without a problem…updated without a problem…but after i restarted it said error and that i had to reinstall the product…any idea y this happened…i tried it twicw once i changed skinswitch before updating and once after but still got the same error after updating…any help would be appreciated…

  6. last sentence : still got the same error after restarting.…any help would be appreciated…thanks

    1. james u have to first disable self defence and then change the registry key and then change the language. check again b4 changing registry key, did u uncheck the self defense from step 8 & 9?
      hope it helps..


  7. Thank you, Ramakanth.

    I agree. Norton is no good anti-malware.

    Honestly I hate norton anti-malware. It’s not a emotional. It’s reasonable factors which cause serveral things. NAV,NIS,N360 –> I known worst of worst anti-malware software in famous(avg,avira,avast,panda,f-secure,G-data).

    Because normally 1)auto delete file, 2)auto report at symantec server(personal privacy problem. many anti-malware ask to the user first. I can’t off this function. you can try change options but feel failed. But KIS,KAV can off this function. KIS not a best this problem. However not a worst), and 3)I suffered to High rate false detection.(Suspecious.xx, Suspecious.xx…. and auto delete file) 4)you feel very hard to off real-time protect.(You can easily off KAV,KIS exact opposite. Even KIS quit the program by reboot. Sometimes very useful at high cpu using software)

  8. i get the same error as zule mb….u can read my previous post…and i have disabled self defense befor changing the value from 1 to 0…and i have followed the instructions to the letter….

  9. From what i’ve read and my own experience,any change in Kaspersky’s key registry will affect the software.I think we just have to get use to with the german language.Too bad for us, non speakers.

  10. @ramakanth and all users

    i have found a way on how to permanently change the german interface to english thru raymond blog

      1. okay 🙂 i hope this will help all users.
        i love this site of yours and i really appreciate your work and i always open ur site very first when i open my computer 🙂

  11. Now the keys from this site are not working .its saying keys are not compatible with this application