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Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is the best security software that protects your PC from all types of security threats, both online and local.
Normally we can not find many Promotions or free offers for Kaspersky Internet security, but today I’m sharing a trick(old) or tip that allows you to use Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 for free for a year.

Since 2009, we had shared Kaspersky CBE promo’s and now this edition was upgraded to version 12. I think many of you may heard about Kaspersky CBE build, if not , it is nothing but repacked version of Kaspersky Internet security for computer bild magazine, CBE means Computer Bild Edition. This German Magazine is giving away license code for their users (you can register) every 91 days for this special build since 2009.

About Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 :

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (KIS 2012) is a fully featured consumer security suite packed with features, yet with less of a performance impact on your system, and easier to use , a good security suite for both beginners and expert PC users
Additionally it has features such as two-way firewall (inbound and outbound protection) ,cloud protection and parental controls.

KIS 2012 uses a “hybrid protection” system to keep your computer safe from threats. The program relies on its malicious software detection engine on the computer as well as data stored on the company’s servers in the cloud. A threat detected by any PC on Kaspersky’s network is automatically flagged and all other computers connected will also “know” about it.

How to get Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Free 1 year License ?

1.First download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installer

2.Next download cbi.dll file extracted from Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 12.

3.Now visit the CBE promo page,login to your account by entering your user name &password .

Note :If you don’t have an account, visit this post by Ramakanth and follow first two steps.

4.After loging in to your account select “Persönlichen Lizenzschlüssel anfordern oder verlängern..”  box and click on “Lizenzschlüssel anfordern” button.

5.Instantly you will receive an email with license code (in big Red letters) for Kaspersky CBE 11 from Computerbild.You can use this as Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 activation code.

6.Now start the KIS 2012 installer,Select check box for Change installation settings,then click Next button and proceed with screen instructions, until you will see below image.

7.Now as seen in above image, un-check the box for Protect the installation process and then click Install button.

8.Important step : See the installer progress bars completes one round , in the second round installation wizard shows Copying new files and when the progress bar runs until about the middle stage, click on Cancel button to temporarily stop the installation process.
Note : Don’t click “yes”
Tip : open Program flies folder on your C drive, when you see kaspersky labs folder(screen will flash for a second) is created click “Cancel” button

9.Now copy & paste the cbi.dll file in Kaspersky Internet security 2012 folder.

Tip : The folder location for 64 bit systems will be C:Program Files (x86)Kaspersky LabKaspersky Internet Security 2012

10. Now click “No” button and continue installation process
11. Once installation is finished enter license code that you received, which provides 91 days of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 protection for free.

12. For every 3 months you can ask a key by visiting the  promo page in 3rd step (bookmark this page)and extend the protection, so with this promo you can get KIS 2012 protection free for a year.


  1. Muito Obrigado por compartilhar esse post, Parabéns, eu consegui fazer tudo e já estou usando e atualizando meu Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 em português Brasil !!!! só queria ressaltar que na etapa de clicar em cancelar apenas, vá a pasta e cole a DLL e após isso clique em Não, o que quero dizer que o passo de clicar em cancelar e depois sim aqui não dava certo, assim clicar em cancelar e colar a dll e depois em não dava certo, Valeu obrigado qualquer duvida perguntem, Parabéns Adoro o site de vocês o Melhor do gênero no Mundo Virtual !!!!

  2. So, if it’s possible to request a key once every 3 months time after time, can’t we use it for more than 1 year?

  3. Why only 1 year?
    You can use 2-3 years.
    Activation code will be treated.
    Every 3 months you will receive an activation code.
    It is the same for all users.

    1. yes we can get activation code for life time, but after one year computer bild will update the free offer for next version of kaspersky internet security.

      1. Yes, this is correct, but you missed a point.
        There might be a contract between CBE and kaspersky. If the term of contract will end next month, we will not get license from that day.The game will be over the day contract will be over, then we will have to find new technique.

        But the possibility of term to next month is negligible as they recent launched new version.

  4. I was successful installed this update KIS2012 with cbe’key. I am looking for wards to see the KIS-CBE-2012 long time, since using KIS-cbe 2010 and KIS 2011 with cbe’Key, my PC & laptop are no problem with virus and others. Thanks Kowshik and Ramakanth for your help and great sharing to 360’members Computer Bild Editio, n also thanks to Computer Bild Edition for their support.

  5. This method could not succeed. Today because kis 2012 or 2011 said the key is not for this region. I already tried. Anyone know how to fix this.

  6. Succesfully activated about two weeks ago. Now I’m trying to enter a new key from CB, but getting a error “This code is not valid in this region”. Maybe KAV changed the activation method to work only for German IP’s.

  7. Lynx, Can you tell me that did you add “proxy server authentication”. That didn’t work for me. Thanks.

    1. There is no problem in using proxy with Kaspersky 2012. So use proxy if know how to use proxy.

  8. 1. Turn off net
    2. Click on license status
    3. Enter new activation code
    4. Key : 11111-11111-11111-1111X (As internet is off it will fail)
    5. You will get option to activate with key file
    6. Activate with given key file

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