Kaspersky Internet security 2011 free license

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This is a Russian Promotion set by Groupon which will provide 3 months license of  Kaspersky Internet security 2011 and you  can register multiple times and get License codes to extend up to 1 year (above).

Also to make a note this Promotion will expire on  April 6,2011. So utilize this promo  within April 6 and don’t blame the promo is not working.

Kaspersky Internet security 2011 free license :

  1. First register a Groupon Russia account by entering your email address and click the button as shown in below image
  2. You will be forwarded another page, then enter your First & last name and click the button as shown in below image.
  3. Now you will receive an email from no-reply@darberry.ru , Click the confirmation button or link to activate your account.
  4. Note : Check your SPAM folder, some times Gmail or Ymail will consider Russian mails as spam.

  5. Now visit Groupon Kaspersky Page, then click on arrow like button and you will see a coupon or promo code (starts with 8XXXX), copy the code

  6. Now visit Kaspersky Registration Page, then enter your email, coupon code, CAPTCHA code and click the button as shown in below image
  7. Instantly you will receive an email from PcasMail@kaspersky.com with 3 months license code.
  8. Download : Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 [English]


  • Note :1. To extend your subscription up to 1 year by registering 4 accounts with 4 different email address.
  • Note :2. The Promotion will expire on  April 6,2011 (Russian Time ).
  • Note : 3. To use your license code in future register them at my.kaspersky.com

[Thanks to Valenok]

  1. is the link at step 5 correct? i can’t find anywhere to fill in my email and groupon code.

  2. hi,
    the links in steps 4&5 are same.are those links correct if not can u give the correct links.

  3. Hi Ramakanth,

    After I key in my email address and click the ‘register’ button, it doesn’t bring me forward to another page but stay on the original page.

    What is happening?

    Thank you.

  4. Hello,
    I want to get 4 codes. Can I register them all in one Kaspersky account but different groupon account?

    And when will the code expire? Will it be from the date the code is entered in the software (Step 7) or will it be from the date I registered in the Kaspersky website at https://my.kaspersky.com/en/activations#add or will it be the date I received the key?

    Please advice! thanks!

    1. Yes you can register all codes in one account and regarding the code expire, generally Kaspersky codes has shelf-life which means the code will have activation time and it should be activated within that period.

      1. Generally codes that are generated from Kaspersky server has a shelf line of 3 months and CD’s from computer stores have a longer shelf life.

      2. Then I can only use it for 6months! How can I do it for 1yr?

        By the time the 2nd one finishes I wont be able to use the third one.

        Confused!!!! Sorry for asking too much question!

  5. Hey Ramakanth u r really a good person sharing free stuff links without any consideration…….U rock man….any way is this better compared to Avira Premium suite which u posted previously………

    1. KIS 2010 was the best security suite from kaspersky, but KIS 2011 is not that much effective. Compared to avira, kaspersky 2011 is better.

  6. I want to verify if it is 3 or 4 months. In my account it is showing 4-8-2011 as expiry date. Does it means that it is for 4 months? 3 months after registration counts to 5-7-2011.

  7. Hi Ramakanth,

    According to step 4, I don’t find any button beside 0 and similarly I don’t get any promo code.

    Please help me as time is getting over.


  8. Hi Ramakanth,

    Thanks a lot for this update. Had been waiting for this since a long time. The process is very easy and just had to spend 5 minutes for making this happen.

    But I have just 1 query, was curious to know how to use this for 1 year…

  9. hey everyone!
    the license recieved thru this promo is a commercial license for 2 PCs so u can use it on 2 different computers 🙂

    thanx alot ramakanth for the wonderful promo 🙂

  10. The page indicated at step -5 is not opening….i am trying from yesterday…plz tell me what to do???

  11. hello…. i got 3 license keys each of 3 months….now can you plzzzzz tell me how should i insert all these keys to activate KIS for 9 months?????………