1. I have not received the license key till now. I have registered about 30 mins ago, can it because I did it through my mobile but I can use my broadband as my parents have discontinued because of exams. Can anybody helps me.

  2. Ramakanth,

    I also didn’t get any email from them yet even it was more then 3hrs to registered… is there something wrong? anyway its really a nice share from your side buddy… keep it up bro

  3. I’ve tray normal after with proxy from guyana and try by VPN americi .I’ve never receive mail with
    serial Kaspersky.

    I’ve contact operator there and respond me only Fake not more.

  4. Hi,

    I have also tried the same about 10 hours ago and I have not received the email either. Definitely I think this is fake. Anyways thank you for sharing the same.

  5. Yep- it looks like another scam. I tried to ping the promotion page- it was impossible. However- the returned IP is, which is in ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO, USA…

    Now somebody will have a very good database with E-mails…

  6. The funniest thing: from Ramakanth’s post we can see the screenshots that “received” key is installed and that it works fine. Obviously, someone is lying badly, reach your own conclusion…

  7. I tried first thing this morning using two different emails (approx 6 hours ago) and haven’t received a email to either address. Checked spam folders, nothing.

    What a shame, Kapersky is a great product. Used to have it and was really excited to see it posted here.

  8. Anyway Working or Not,we have 2 appreciate for his Work Thank you Brother…Friends this sites is always with Promotion ..why dont you maintain one Extra Mail account for such kind of things …after that you no need to worry about SPAM mails

  9. Bad chance.
    Simply you can enter digits 1 to 9 at the promo page in all the fields. No need to check the checkbox then. Just click “Enviar”.
    Bingo! The fields are blank again, but have a look at the sign on th top of the page “Thank you, your submission has been received.”
    No checks for a valid e-mail writing format, no checks for the length of a name. In my case, the letter should be sent to a fantastic e-mail address “3”. Of course, I’ve tried some temporary mailboxes before – no result, no mails.
    Seems to me, that the action is over.

  10. lol you’re stupid to say it never worked ;op it worked but kaspersky is not crazy and is not a caritative company, they stopped the promo when they saw all the rats suscribe ;op

  11. Kaspersky website hacked two times from last two years..remember the story about someone hack Kaspersky website and create fake promo for collect emails and personal data,think today is same situation.

  12. They will check your ip and telephone number and country same with the last kaspersky promo from malaysia.Even you changed your ip,they will check your phone number together with your country you put

  13. It is not working after click on the button i get this message

    This is Translated by google

    Your validation code seems to have been used before.

    But you can still get the most advanced PC security Kaspersky. Download a free 30 day trial of Kaspersky Internet Security Download now

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