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Dear All Techno360 readers!

Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 is a rebranded edition of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 specially released for Computer Bild magazine subscribers, free of charge. If you had followed techno360.in previous articles Kaspersky security CBE win 7 and Free Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10, you can understand what is  Kaspersky Security suite CBE. But the license key provided for Kaspersky Security suite CBE can only be used in the special german installer of Kaspersky Security suite CBE.

You can download the Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 license key from https://www.techno360.in/kaspersky-security-suite-cbe-11/

How to Use Free Activation Code from Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

1.  Download latest version of setup installer for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 in your desired language from http://www.kaspersky.com/internet_security_trial.

2.  Download the cbi.dll file extracted from Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11.You can also install the KSS CBE 11 and retrieve the cbi.dll file yourself from “Program FilesKaspersky LabKasperskySecurity Suite” folder, and then uninstall it.

3.  Start the installation of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

4.  Select and the tick the check box for Change installation settings and click Next button.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

5.  Click I Agree button.

6.  Click Next button, you can uncheck the check box if you don’t want to join the Kaspersky Security Network.

7.  Click Next button.

8.  Uncheck the check box for Protect the installation process (mandatory for the hack to work), and then click Install button.

9.  Allow the installation of KIS 2011 initializing and running for a while until the installation wizard shows Copying new files. When the progress bar runs until about the middle stage, click on Cancel button to temporarily stop the installation process.

10.  On Windows Explorer, browse to Program FilesKaspersky LabKasperky Internet Security 2011 folder.

11.  Delete the cbi.dll file.

12.  Copy the cbi.dll from Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 into the folder to replace the deleted cbi.dll.

13.  When the hack is done, click on No button to continue the installation process.

14.  After installation is completed, a Kaspersky Internet Security Configuration Wizard will open. Select radio button of Activate commercial version, and enter the activation serial code received for Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11, and click Next.

15.  Activation should complete successfully, with license type as commercial which valid for 3 computers (yes, you can install on 2 more computers). Note that the 3 months subscription period is not counted from when the activation been done. Instead, the license key from the free Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 offer has a fixed expiration date which is the same for everyone. You have to go back the Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 link above in order to request for a new activation code after expiry date to renew and reactivate the software. Click Next to continue.

16.  Click Finish button to start running Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, fully licensed and fully activated for free.

Enjoy free security ! 🙂

Note: This hack can work on all Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 languages installers.


  1. I informed Ramakanth previously but due to some unknown reasons he didnt posted it.

    I want to add that they give same key to all.

    1. Yea i saw your comment in that thread but i already informed Ramakanth before you and asked him that allow me to write articles on this site so thats why he did not post himself and waited for my response.

      1. Yes, I informed through comment yesterday but I also emailed him about a week ago.

  2. Can sombody please upload the dll file and the activation code on somthing like megaupload and please send me the link to my mail : [email protected]. PLease……..

  3. Hey Ramakanth can the key recieved for KIS 2011 be used and I have installed KIS 2011 trial version.so how to activate it fully.How to hack trial version

      1. Hey Mubashir while reinstalling I am not able to see custom install check box ..

      2. Hey Mubashir I am not able to see custom install check box while reinstalling .is there anytthing thats missing.

      3. romesh its not custom install but “change installation settings” which appears on the very first screen when you start installation. I hope this helps.

      4. Hey Mubashir bro I mean that only .That change installation setting box is not appearing on reinstalling,I have installed KIS 2011 trial version.

    1. It depends on the contract between Computer Bild and Kaspersky. Since this offer has been working since 2007 version of kaspersky, we can hope that it will stay active for life 🙂

  4. Hi ramakanth, I downloaded the cbi.dll asa you said and tried to copy it on the kis 2011 istall file, but I can’t do it, it says you need permission from the system.I’m on win7 and I have deactivated the UAC.I have the KIS 2011 trial install.The only option for the cbi.dll file copy, is th reinstall kis 2011?Can’t I do it in another way?

  5. great share.

    1 doubt : since key is same for everyone, how come it gives different validity for different people.

    also, if it records MAC of Pc then also , will it issue new license after 3 months ?

    1. Yes agree with Ankar that they provide different keys to every user.

      And yes they will issue new license every 3 months 🙂

  6. i have received da key for CBE 11….but i cant do this hack as i am away from my home …..will this key work if i do dis hack abt a month later..

  7. Hi there both Ramakant and Mubashir,
    I just successfully installing it and in updating process now, Thank you Both very much for sharing. I continues using activation key from KSS.CBE2010 on my KISS2011. But i thing this KISS2011 is use RAM higher then KSS.CBE2010. How about others?
    For 360’members, u have to follow step #9 above “..installation wizard shows Copying new files. When the progress bar runs until about the middle stage, click on Cancel button to temporarily stop the installation process” then can see cbi.dll file. Good luck.

    1. Yes oken you are right as the new version is more resource hungry than the previous one. But nowadays most computers have a minimum of 1GB RAM, so it won’t effect much.

      and thanx for your kind words 🙂

  8. after expiry of the first license whether I have to reinstall the KIS2011 to activate or directly activate it with the new license key ? Please inform me.

  9. Hey Mubashir bro u r not getting me.After i uninstall KIS 2011 and then install again using above procedure then how i will browse to cbi.dll if KIS is not installed already since Kaspersky folder is not available.

    1. Actually when the setup is half way thre, i.e. its on the “copying new files” press cancel and leave the setup as it is. Then go into kaspersky folder to delete the cbi.dll file from kaspersky folder and replace it with the cbi.dll file provided in the link in step 2 and then click on “No” to resume the installation.

      1. First i installed trial ver. and then again I tried to install using above procedure but the problem is that when I install for 2nd time “change installation setting” box does not appears.So how will I proceed furher if that box is not there.I guess now u will get me.Thank u for replying to my queries..

  10. Hey Mubashir bro i am sorry for so many queries.Now i have hacked it and its is showing 66 days remaining.Thanks again…

  11. Salam Mubashir & Ramakanth, Thank your for sharing this wonderful trick:P, i couldn’t do it since it says the key is from different version of product, “yeh kia yakki hai” xD

    any lead?

    1. I tried it with latest 2012 ver (eng) and it didn’t work. There is no such .cab file during installation…

      1. its not a .cab file but its a .dll file.
        and if u’l follow each and every step as mentioned above, then i should work.

        as far as the 2012 version is considered, u cannot use this key in 2012 version. for this we have to wait till Computer Bild give away the license for Kaspersky CBE 12 which will take some time to come.

  12. Could someone tell me with what version this patch works 100%? I tried with kis11.0.2.556pl and it was saying “inappropraite key for that version” during activation…

    1. i installed with that version…it will surely work.. maybe u didnt copy that cbi.dll file… thats the reason why u r facing this issue…

  13. I have hacked the KIS 2011 using the procedure above.It shows 49 days remaining…
    Just wanted to confirm as stated above after the expiry of the KIS CBE key will there be another key available for download? Need tutorial if it is so……….!

    1. @vaibhav: When your key expires, visit KIS CBE page and request another key, I think every 90days or 3 months Computer build will provide key.

  14. thanks a lot…worked like magic…will let u know what happens after 3 months..

  15. Hi friends! The hack works for me and I want thank you for this. But I have a question for you: why must I uninstall KSS CBE 11 to change with KIS 2011? KSS CBE is not a good security suite? Isn`t more simple to keep it? So, can you answer me, please?! Thank you in advance.

    1. Dear Polferis,
      Actually kaspersky CBE is in german language so if anyone wants to have this in english, this hack is actually for them. 🙂

  16. Hello Mubashir! Thanks for answer, but I want to know the diference between KSS and KIS, if it is any. And of course about the resources consumption if you know something. So, can you light me?! Thank you.

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