Kasperky Cleaner : Simple & Free Tune Up Tool

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Kaspersky Cleaner is a free system cleaning tool for Windows systems from the famous security solutions provider ‘Kaspersky’, everyone knows that Kaspersky provides security provides top rated antivirus softwares.

Now  the Russian security firm is offering a free tool that makes your  windows system run smoothly & effectively,

Kaspersky Cleaner is a simple Windows system optimization tool primarily aimed at novices(beginners), however advanced users can utilize several useful features offered by this tool.

For not just removing junk files  & clearing traces, this tool can be used to restore crucial systems settings (such as Internet explorer) and fix privacy issues, this feature will be handy for Windows 10 users to block data collection and prevent tracking your personal information.

As I said it’s a simple cleaning tool for PC, using the Kaspersky Cleaner app is easy with its clear and basic interface.

kaspersky cleaner
Launching the app, you will notice a big Start Scan button in the center of the screen and below the scan button you will see four icons (System Cleanup, Restore System Settings, Private Browsing and Remove Activity Traces) and  on clicking these icons will let you select which sections of junk and traces you need to remove or leave the default options and hit the ‘scan‘ button.

After finishing the scan, the app will display the problems to be fixed, you can either click the ‘Fix’ button to fix the problems automatically or choose the sections that you want to fix.

kaspersky cleaner fix problems

The only discomfort with this tool is after fixing the problems, you must restart your PC to apply the changes, and you must note the application is still in beta stage, but I think it’s very stable (using it more than two months).

The good thing about the app is if changes or fixes made by the app doesn’t let your PC function properly, you can revert the changes with the apps roll back changes option.

Although Kaspersky Cleaner has a roll back changes option,  but it’s always a good to backup files before deleting them or changing your PC’s settings, if something goes wrong. For this, you can either create a full system image backup with EaseUS Todo Backup or create a restore point with Windows’ System Restore tool.


Overall, Kaspersky Cleaner is basic & free system tune up tool intended for novices and does its job effectively, by clearing unnecessary files, it frees up hard-drive space and makes your PC run faster.

But if you want more control and advanced features then you should opt other free system cleaners, chief among them is popular CCleaner.


Download Kaspersky Cleaner: devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/KCLEANER (504 KB)

Note: Above provided link is for online installer, the actual size of installer is 27.55 MB

Homepage:  free.kaspersky.com