JumpPad: Mac OS X Loin’s LaunchPad for Windows

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Apple recently at  WWDC 2011 unveiled Mac OS X Lion,a major release which brings over 250 new features to Mac systems. Among those features one feature that attracted even windows users is Launchpad , that provides  instant access to all your apps.

So Jumpad is windows application that brings LaunchPad to windows systems. This application is useful if you install many software’s and launch those software’s through desktop shortcuts or through Start Menu.

Jumpad avoids the desktop clutter and prevents searching for icons on your start menu to launch a particular software. It uses hot corners feature,so you can starting using the program by moving the mouse to one of the corners of the screen and by default it adds Start menu contents. You can customize this by creating a folder with custom short cuts and assign that folder to Jumpad, you can assign upto 6 folders.One can say Jumpad is a single short cut for all your apps shortcuts.

Working of JumpPad :

After running “Jumpad.exe”, When you move your mouse to a corner (for me top left) of the screen for the first time you will notice a black screen overlay filled with all icons from Start menu. To close that screen you can click on “X” button and for customization click on tick icon ( ✓).

Requirements : Aero must to enabled and the app is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

JumpPad v2.1 new features

  • Startup Info-Splash screen. Only shows once.
  • Customizable Icon Size
  • Better Icon and file association rendering.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Several Speed improvements.
  • Fav folder. Right-click an icon/file to add it to your Faves.
  • Six Assignable icons to folders
  • You can delete files from your Fav menu, with the right-click. Delete ONLY works in the Fav menu
  • Start menu is now a visible Item
  • Decent memory footprint.

Download  :   JumpPad v2.1
Developer page :   solo-dev.deviantart.com
My view :

Although this app brings nice feature of Mac to windows, it is still buggy and uses a good share of memory resources .I even experienced freezing of desktop and some times it may be annoyance if you move your mouse unintentionally to a corner of the screen. Also have a look what the developer says :

A note:
Even though JumpPad has been very much optimized, tweaked, and configured for the best app for the lowest amount of memory usage, please keep this in mind…

JumpPad does a LOT of graphics work behind the scene. To put it in layman’s terms, every icon that you have it show, is, to some extent, a layer. Most people have about 100 apps on there PC. I myself have over 300, and that’s with duplicate eliminations turned on (default, always on).

So Imaging opening up Photoshop, the Gimp, Paint.Net, whatever Graphics art app that you want, and starting a file, and doing 100 layers on that image. The app WILL start eating up memory.

While I have done a lot of research on how to best free up memory, the correct way to dispose of graphics as they are no longer needed, and several optimizing techniques, and having run JumpPad through two different Memory Leak detecting and optimizing apps… This is about as good as it gets.

The more files you have it show, the more RAM it will eat. that’s just how it is. I have literally tried everything that I know to make it memory friendly.

For me, JumpPad runs about 20-50MB with consistent use, and limiting it to smaller folders.

Anyway, hope everyone likes 2.1! This will be the last independent JumpPad release, as it is getting code-merged with Harmony, and Harmony will inherit all of it’s unique properties.