Join N-Gage Gamers Gang and get engaged with n-gage

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What is N-Gage?
The new generation N-Gage isn’t a console or a single device. It’s a gaming platform which is now available on an ever-expanding range of Nokia smartphones & N series including N79, N85, N96, N95, N95 8GB, N81, N818GB and 5320 XPressMusic & expected to available for Nokia N78, Nokia N73, Nokia N93i and Nokia N93.

Owners of compatible phones can buy or try the new N-Gage games, which are sold entirely as downloads. Games can be bought and downloaded straight onto the phone through the mobile phone network or wi-fi if you’re on the move from Alternatively, if you’re at home you can download the games onto your PC and then transfer them to the phone.

N-Gage Gamers Gang :
It’s a community created by gaming enthusiasts to support n-gage. You can join the community either on Facebook or Orkut.People interested in gaming have to create a user ID in n-gage website .Members of this gang can share their N-Gage player id, get latest updates on free trials, titles, share scores and play with group members.

I am playing star wars now.. Photobucket it’s quite a discovery Photobucket

Free Game title:
Nokia is running a promo on N-gage  Game titles(full version).All you have to do is install n-gage on your phone ,create an user ID at and share your player id and contact details on . Once, the information is validated, you will receive a confirmation message and  free activation code for a full version game in 24 hours.