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Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation Now Free on EGS

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Experience adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced chaos with Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation, free on the Epic Games Store until December 7, 2023.

These action-packed PC games offer unique and engaging gameplay, perfect for fans of the beat ‘em up and fighting game genres.

Jitsu Squad: A Beat ‘Em Up Extravaganza

This is a fun 4-player co-op beat ’em up with fast-paced cartoon action and wild chaotic battles.

Jitsu Squad Game

Embark on a journey to a futuristic world where martial arts have become intense combat sports. Choose from 12 fighters, each mastering styles like karate, kung fu, wrestling, and more.

Engage in battles across diverse arenas with stylish cel-shaded graphics. Challenge friends or global rivals with local and online multiplayer options to showcase your skills.

Developed by Tanuki Creative Studio, this game offers:

Accessible gameplay:

The developers designed the Jitsu Squad for easy enjoyment, catering to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Classic brawler style:

The game pays homage to the classic beat ‘em up genre, with a focus on fast-paced action and comical combat

Unique characters:

Pick from a range of vibrant characters, each with unique abilities and play styles.

Mighty Fight Federation: An Arena Fighter Like No Other

Mighty Fight Federation, developed by Komi Games Inc., is a throwback to classic 3D arena fighters, but with a focus on fighting game fundamentals.

Mighty Fight Federation allows players to slam opponents into walls, launch them into the air, and follow up with fast, high-flying attacks.

Mighty Fight Federation Game

The game offers a roster of characters, each with distinct and deep combo opportunities. Use the game’s Hype mechanics to zone, evade, counter, and play mind games with your opponents.

Choose from a diverse roster of 14 characters, each with their unique fighting style and special moves. Engage in intense 1v1 duels, team up with friends in tag-team matches, or bring the chaos of free-for-all to the arena.

How to Claim?

Visit the Epic Games Store links below, add the titles to your library, and they’re yours to keep and enjoy whenever you want.

Jitsu Squad:


Mighty Fight Federation:



The addition of Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation to the Epic Games Store’s free games lineup is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing high-quality gaming experiences to its users.

With unique gameplay mechanics, these games stand out in their genres. Whether you love beat ‘em up games or arena fighters, there’s something for everyone. Grab them now and jump into the action!