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JetDrive 9.5 Full Version for Free -Disk Optimization Software

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JetDrive 9.5 is an easy-to-use Windows disk optimization and defragmentation software. This is an effective and straightforward software application meant to enhance the speed of your computer by defragmenting disk drives, registry files, and RAM.

Your computer used to be pretty fast, but over time, it will slow down. The computer gets slower over time because all files and the Windows registry get more and more broken up. Abelssoft’s JetDrive fixes the problem defragments the computer and speeds it up in a noticeable way.

JetDrive 9.5 UI

On old hard drives, files are stored one sector at a time by magnetic fields. When a file is deleted, a space is left behind. If the next file to be saved isn’t exactly the same size as the gap, it could cause a problem. Part of the file is in one place on the hard drive, and the other part is in a different place. Because data has to be gathered from different parts of the hard disk, it takes the computer longer and longer to read data.

The JetDrive resolves this issue and defragments the hard disk in a simple and secure manner. During this procedure, the files are combined and reorganized entirely. This greatly increases the computer’s speed.

Even though its features are displayed in the main window, the program’s interface is elegant, clean, and well-organized. You only need to press a single button for the disk to be analyzed and recommendations to be provided.

JetDrive 9.5 Defragementing hard disk

In addition, the software presents a summary of your system’s resources in the main window, including available space and hard drive type. This feature might assist you in determining whether defragmenting is the sole thing slowing down your machine.

JetDrive 9.5 Features:

  • Checks for hard drive errors.
  • Defragments your drive and restores it to an optimal state.
  • Defragments your Registry.

Get JetDrive 9.5 full version for Free:

Just download the full version from this link or from this link[2.5 MB].

Install the software and enjoy the full version.


  1. I think Auslogics Disk Defrag is by far the most simple free and efficient disk defragmenter.

    I tried an older version of this s/w and da results were absolutely negative…

    neway thanks guyz…keep up da gud work

    Although can u gt ur grabs on Abelssoft’s CryptBox which was recently up for grabs but i wasnt able to dwnld it.

    can u do somethin about it.

  2. the best free defragmenter is… puran defrag free. The others? poor. It work as well as raxco products

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