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Java Coding Problems is an ebook published by Packt that aims to improve your Java programming skills by solving real-world coding challenges. Anghel Leonard authored the book.

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This ebook is ideal for beginners and intermediate Java developers who want to master the fundamentals of the language and tackle real-world problems. You will also get access to online resources and quizzes to test your knowledge and skills.

Overview of Java Coding Problems Book:

By providing guidance on optimal approaches and decisions related to complexity, performance, readability, and other factors, this book assists you in adopting an objective perspective when facing common difficulties.

The modern Java learning process has become more challenging due to rapid JDK development from versions 8 to 12, resulting in programmers requiring extra time to achieve optimal productivity.

Many present-day concerns can effectively tackle by incorporating innovative elements and concepts.

This book guides you in understanding the most effective methods and decisions related to complexity, performance, readability, and more. It enables you to approach everyday challenges with objectivity and clarity.

Java Coding Problems eBook

With Java Coding Problems, you can enhance your productivity by accomplishing more in less time. This book offers a vast array of practical examples, encompassing various subjects like strings, numbers, arrays, collections, data structures, dates and times, immutability, type inference, Optional, Java I/O, Java Reflection, functional programming, concurrency, HTTP Client API, and more.

It contains over 300 applications and various challenges designed to reinforce and encompass the fundamental concepts employed in real-world scenarios. Having access to this knowledge is not a luxury, but an essential requirement, regardless of the complexity of the task at hand.

You’ll finish reading this book with a confident understanding of Java concepts and the ability to choose the best solutions for your unique challenges.

Key Features

  • Use the power of modern Java 11 to solve programming challenges and prepare for interviews.
  • Put your knowledge of the Java programming language, its libraries, data structures, and design patterns to the test.
  • Explore topics, including web development, mobile development, and GUI programming.


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