JASEM: Just Another Shooter with Electronic Music For Free [Game]

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JASEM: Just Another Shooter with Electronic Music is an indie shooting game that sells for $9.99 on the Steam store.

Now Indiegala is offering this game completely free, to grab this game visit this Indiegala webpage.

Login to your Indiegala account or create a new one.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ” Login to add to your Library” button.

That’s it, the game will be added to your library. Go to the library, click “Showcase Library” and from there you can download the giveaway game.

About JASEM: Just Another Shooter with Electronic Music

JASEM is an insanely hard and ridiculously unforgiving low-poly twin-stick arcade blast-athon set to an electronic beat and filled with bright explosions and neon effects.

Do you need any reason to shoot your enemies in-game? Because JASEM doesn’t give you the one – just you, your weapons, crazy beats, and enemies. And you need to shoot every one of them, and it’s up to you to make it the most hilarious and explosive way.

So, JASEM: Just Another Shooter With Electronic music – is:

  • Whirlwind gameplay;
  • Gunfight non-stop;
  • Fighting enemies, no dancing around their slow bullets;
  • Juicy low-poly effects;
  • Crazy physics – you can do improvized stealth or create shortcuts;
  • Epic Bosses;
  • No story, narrative and even texts at all (except seizure warning, because, you know, if you know the way of warning about it with no text, pls let me know).

Taking into account the last item, here is the perfect place for game credits:

  • Game design, programming, bugs creation and a lot of stuff you don’t want to know about – Stas Shostak;
  • Music: Ira Lobanok;
  • 3D-models: Aleksandr Palmov;
  • Testing, creative help, insulting of devs and other invaluable help – Max Efimov, Sergey Mozharovskiy, and other awesome guys.