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Jarlsberg teaches you hacker tactics

Google has released  a twitter like micro-blogging web application called Jarlsberg “ , like the cheese it is fully riddled with holes or vulnerabilities. The intention of this app is to teach developers about common programming errors that leave vulnerabilities.

Want to beat the hackers at their own game?

Then you have to look in Jarlsberg code, to do some real testing, actually exploiting a real application.

Google is offering this as a training course, entitled as “Web Application Exploits and Defenses,” in coordination with Google Code University and Google Labs and this course is free which allows students to learn and assess the loopholes and mistakes in the programs that leads to the vulnerabilities.

The course includes several assignments in which students must identify vulnerabilities in the Jarlsberg code and once they got to know basic vulnerabilities in the code , then they must use the exploit to carry out a malicious action on the application.

According to Google code blog “Jarlsberg was written specifically to teach about security, More specifically, it is a tool to show how to exploit web applications and, in turn, protect against those exploits when developing software.”

The course is available online at appspot and Jarlsberg code can be downloaded for free from here, also read the warning before you proceed to download the code.

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