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Jalopy - Road Trip Simulation game Now Free [limited-time]

Jalopy game

Jalopy is a road trip simulation game developed by Minskworks. The game normally sells for USD $14.99 and for a limited time Humble Bundle is offering it for free.

Humble Bundle is giving away DRM -Free version (no steam key) of this game for subscribing its newsletter.

Actually, it’s a 48 hours giveaway, already 12 hours passed and only 36 hours left at the time of publishing this post.

So, to claim this freebie simply and click the ‘Get the Game-‘ button.

Further proceed to click ‘Get it Now’ button, complete captcha, and log in to your account.

You will receive an email from Humble Store, Click the Download Now button to reach the store.

Scroll down the page, then you will notice links to download the game.

You can use the direct download link or BitTorrent link. The download size of the game is around 327 MB.

Download and install the game on your Windows system, as its a DRM-Free version the game is yours to keep forever.

If you want a Steam version, Humble Store is offering a Coupon that lets you buy it for USD $1 on Steam Store.

This one-dollar Jalopy Steam key coupon will expire on June 1, 2019.

About Jalopy Game:

The game follows two characters, the player and their uncle, who attempt to build a Laika (a car modeled after the Trabant 601) from individual parts and drive from East Berlin to Turkey using it.

The game follows the player character known only as Splat and his Uncle Lütfi.

Two Turkish-Germans from Eastern Berlin who decided to go on a road trip to Istanbul since the Iron Curtain fell.

The main task of the game is to get to Istanbul to drop the Uncle off all the while maintaining the Laika which is prone to frequent breakdowns signified by smoke coming from the sides of the bonnet.

The player passes through Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Turkey on his trip with his uncle.

The cities he stops in all contain shops important to maintaining his car and to sell objects found in discarded boxes strewn across the roads on his trip. The player may choose to upgrade the Laika if he has enough money.

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