iWoman period & fertility tracker

iWoman Period & Fertility Tracker Now Free [iOS]

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iWoman helps you with your daily experience and gives you more insights from period to period.

The apps price dropped from USD $1.99 and available for free on iOS AppStore.

Link: https://apple.co/2vtm3Z4

With this iOS app, you learn more about your body every day.You have all the data in your hands when you speak to your gynaecologist or doctor.

The app helps you predict and plan dates like meetings and vacation according to your period.

This app gives you a great representation of your cycle, follow your period visually and get a better orientation.

iWoman calculates your most fertile days in every cycle and gives you a clear view when you are most likely to get pregnant.

With this app, you can easily track your basal temperature to collect information about your upcoming ovulation. Either it’s for contraception or your wish to get.

Track your intercourse and activity. With specific icons, you are able to specify your pleasure as all natural or safe.

Also, the app lets you Takedown individual notes and memos (with Emoji support) on every day of your cycle.

iWoman period & fertility tracker

App’s Description:

iWoman is no 1 period and cycle tracker for women since 2009. Track your cycle with ease and record the progress of your period with a smart, customizable and clean interface.

The “Circle View”  introduced in this app lets you track your period, ovulation, intercourse or your basal temperature.

iWoman is highly customizable and lets you define the tracking functions you need.


• Simply start tracking your cycles by adding the dates of your last period
• Predict future periods, ovulation and fertility times with the calendar
• Support your birth control or family planning if you are trying to get pregnant


• Add information on your flows intensity and spotting
• Record your sexual activity
• Pill tracking for your cycle
• Track your mood, emotions and feelings
• Log the results of pregnancy and ovulation tests
• Track your hygiene methods (tampons, panty liner, menstrual cup)
• Party, smoking or alcohol can be recorded to see if it affects your cycle
• Note down your basal temperature and follow it with the automated graph
• Use iWoman to track medication
• Take individual notes for every day like in a diary
• Add photos to each day
• Protect your privacy with the iWoman passcode or Touch ID
• Reminders for your breast health and breast cancer checkup


• Customize iWoman and activate and deactivate every function
• Create reminders with individual notifications and alerts
• Make backups to secure your data
• Define the number of cycles used for calculation
• Switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F)

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