iTunes 10: Social Networking & Wirless Streaming

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Apple has an habit of conducting an event every year in September and releasing new iPods, displaying peripheral items for their devices and also releases updates to their software’s.

In Yesterday’s event Apple unveiled iTunes 10, which brings major changes/features to the popular music player.iTunes now supports social Networking with inclusion of new service called ‘ping’, a social music discovery tool which allows users to follow friends, artists and helps to discover and share new music.

According to Steve Jobs, It’s sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. Apple also changed the logo of iTunes, removing the CD and opting for a music note inside a blue circle.

iTunes 10 Features:

  • Faster Synching With Devices
  • Rent out HD TV shows for 99c
  • Social Networking with ‘Ping’
  • AirTunes renamed to AirPlay
  • Support for iPod shuffle 4G, iPod nano 6G, iPod touch 4G, and Apple TV
  • Additional support for VoiceOver Kit for iPod